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Secret Golf with Steve Elkington

Watch Secret Golf with Steve Elkington on RFDTV and join in at for an even deeper look into the Secret Golf experience with our original programming of 26 episodes aired on Rural TV’s Dish TV network.

Their ongoing mission to connect golfers worldwide, help them improve their games and love the game more has led 10 time PGA Tour winner Steve Elkington, living legend Jack Burke Jr. and the rest of the Secret Golf team to venture out into the world to connect with the most interesting people, places and ideas in the game. For years in that endeavor the crew has criss-crossed North America, giving clinics, connecting with celebrity friends and fans alike while filming their epic Secret In The Dirt instructions series.

Now the world gets to go behind the scenes and follow along as "Elk" rolls across the countryside on his incredible mobile rig dubbed "The Big Show". Playing the Champions Tour while he and the crew, led by Mike Maves, search out the best that each town they pass through has to offer golfers is what Secret Golf is all about. Whether chatting with other golf legends, playing one of golf's hidden gems, giving a lesson to a local celebrity, meeting their affectionate fans (the Dirters) or just trying to find the best halfway house hot dog it is always a great time to join in on as they dig ever deeper into the true heart of American golf.

Secret Golf

Secret in the Dirt

Spawned from the original YouTube Video Series and ebook that bears its name Secret In The Dirt is a robust global community of golfers. Accessible to casual web visitors and with more than 27,000 registered members the Secret In The Dirt phenomenon has helped thousands of golfer get better and connect with like-minded people throughout the world.

Secret In The Dirt is a golf anchor point and social hub for discussion and commentary. One of golf’s most active online communities, a robust activity stream forums, blogs, podcasts and personal interaction between golfers is what Secret In The Dirt is all about. The proven by-product of participation in the Secret In The Dirt community is lower handicaps and increased enjoyment of the great game of golf.

Secret Golf


The Secret In The Dirt ebook was the initial pivot point for the company and was the media asset around which the original Secret In The Dirt community was initially aggregated around.

The eBook was a substantial innovation in publishing in that it was one of the first instruction books to incorporate streamed video in a pdf document. Future eBooks, reports and aggregated blog material will continue to be produced and conventional print opportunities of these publishing assets will be made available.

Secret Golf


For years the mind of Steve Elkington and the graphic talents of Calder Chism have collided with the events of the golf world and much more. The series now numbers more than 300 original thought provoking and comic illustrations and sits as one of the greatest golf specific cartoon collections ever created. The ‘toons’ will continue to be generated to entertain the Secret Golf devoted.

Secret Golf

Instructional Videos

Secret Golf has discovered and teamed with some of the brightest minds in golf’s underground instruction community. Leveraging Steve Elkington’s eye for great golf ideas and Secret In The Dirt as a discovery tool, Secret Golf discovered the talents of people like Alex Mercer, Geoff Mangum, Martin Ayers and Paul Kopp whose alternative views on golf instruction have been turned into feature length original video productions. The Reality of Putting, The Most Powerful Move in Golf, The Sequence, and others.

Secret Golf


The Secret In The Dirt podcasting series was created in 2013 and will be resumed in spring 2014. Published to iTunes the podcast features Mike Maves, Jimmy Nissen and Terry Okura in engaging discussion of current golf topics with a particular focus on instruction and discussion of the swings of current and historic stars of the game. Steve Elkington pops in occasionally and future podcasts will include other golf world guests.

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