Episode 26 - Recap of Season 1

Steve Elkington helps to present some of the best moments from Season 1 of the Secret Golf

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[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: On this episode of the Rural Golfer--

-We had an incredible run this year on the show. We have been everywhere in North America, from Texas--

-I'm gonna shoot right over you.

-[SNICKERS] Oh, yeah. You're not gonna shoot right over, because you'd miss.

-Minnesota. We had fun when we play golf together, Rocco and I do.

-That's what we're going to do forever.

-Twice across to Canada, I'm in the International Arena at Spruce Meadows on a horse.


-We met the most exciting people--

-I thought it was a big joke, but that's-- that's serious.

-That's serious.

-That's serious business.

STEVE: Saw guys that throw ropes for a living.

MAN: I'm keen to learn about all this today. I want to know everything.

-I don't think I'm going to be able to do any of it.

-Guys that catch crabs.

MAN: The things I look at when I'm out here are the pictures people that work indoors will get on their calendars.

-I was even on a horse four times, and I don't even like horses.

He's got reverse?

We're going to show you some of our favorite things that happened this year.

A rural golfer is headed your way.





I'm tired. Why am I so tired? 26 shows in 26 weeks, starting right out here in Houston. Let me see now. Alma, Birmingham. Chicago.



-Elk, you've done a good job with this show. I'm proud of you, proud to be a part of it. And the people are going to learn a lot of golf, and a lot about different parts of the country. And the plan, the timing, tempo and touch is the basic formula for a good golf.

-Thank you, Mr. Burke. You gave us some wonderful lessons this year on our show, and let's take a look at all the lessons that we really enjoyed this year.

-Grip the club, Grip, grip.

MAN: Grip.

STEVE: Left hand grip, different from the right hand grip.

MAN: If I grip that club--

MAN: You've brought down their--

STEVE: Grip. The only way that you're ever going to get great at golf is we've got to get the grip right. So the right-hand grip.

-The club was everywhere during my swing. I had to do extra stuff to make it come back online.

MAN: We want it to lay in between these two knuckles here. Want it in there. And on this thumb, the only piece touching the grip on the right hand is that dot. So let's see what you got. That's where the fingers lay. That's right.

J. T. PITTMAN: He made the grip in my fingers, and not in my hand.

MAN: And when your palm is pointing to where you're going, your brain knows it.

J. T. PITTMAN: Now it's square to the whole swing.

MAN: Now what that does, JT, is when you throw the club up here, we've got it square. It's not going anywhere. And now we can start building some power.

We're creating this energy on the back swing, winding. I wind up at the top. You're a rubber band. Feel like a rubber band.

I'd like you to get that coil.


-Like a rattlesnake.

This is where the magic happens, so to speak.

STEVE: If I wind the top and hold with my legs, and then on the downswing I lead with my legs, there's some potential there, right? Let it go, there's some zip there, right?

MAN: That's how I hit a ball.

-When I play golf, I have never used none of my lower body. And so with the rubber band, it broke it down in showing us how that actually works.

STEVE: So when I go to the top here, and I transfer that, all of this power is transferred straight down in there.

-They're using a coil recoil action, like a snake. They coil the top half of their bodies with their shoulders, they resist with their legs, and then they lead with their legs, and that transfers all that energy into the ball.

-You're really get after that downstairs. You're getting what we call the bit in the engine room down there, isn't he?

We are dedicated to finding passion. And boy did we ever find it. We go around the country, and we find people with passion about golfing, why they love it so much. EQ is probably one of the most passionate guys that we could find.

You've not got much to work with here golf-wise.

-That's correct.

I'm trying hit a golf ball with no feet and hand.

-I loved this sport from the very first time I ever saw it. I'm from Louisiana, and I'm from a time when truly blacks were not encouraged to be a part of golf.

-102. I don't believe it. I play at least twice a week. I look forward to it from day to day. I'm thankful that things have gone the way they are.

BRUCE: Golf lets you be yourself without the inhibitions. I just lost a leg. Big deal. I can still do the things I love to do. Takes me a little longer, but I can do them.

-Do you guys do this everyday?


-Oh, yeah.

-Every day .

-It's for a living.

-We have a lot of fun. We get about from four to 12 guys out here, putt for about three or four hours, almost five days a week.

-What do you have? Maybe 1/100 of 1% that ever become a pro-athlete. Well, this is about as close as you can get without ever doing it. When you're coming up 18 with a chance to win the tournament, you feel just like the player does. And that's a hell of a feeling.

-Golf's always so important to me, so it was-- God tended to put things in my life for me to play golf.

-One would think that if I was doing a golf show, I would be in the driver's seat. Our show, not so much.

STEVE: Everyone has their fears of different things.


And I could probably live the rest of my life without being on a boat or a horse.

I'm a natural. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the bus. Hold the bus.

-Hold onto the reins. There you go.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

-It was fun to see him out of his element, because he's such a confident guy.

-Hey, this is your course. I'm out of here.



-(SINGING) She knew a lot about love.


-I think you should let Clay do the singing.

-We got a little issue. We need to take a pit stop. I got a little toe problem.


I usually take it right around where that bend is.


MAN: How'd we do?

I was going to do that.

-I can't do it.

If I go that way, I hardly ever miss. If I go this way, like, left-handed, I never hit them.

-Are there any--

-Just-- just kind of ease--

-Do I dangle it in there a little bit?

NARRATOR: Ease into it. Ease into it. Don't jump in, you know?

-I'm a more worried about being on the horse than I'm worried about the glove. I got a lot going on here. So now I'm doing it. This motion?

-That's pretty close. Turn it over. There you go. You got it.

-If I had to be in there for a long time, I'd get a Tempur-Pedic. You know, it's embarrassing when I get in the show, and I've got guys that sell clubs wanting to beat me. I've got girls doing flips that want to beat me.

-And nobody can get there, can they?

-It's tough.

-If I didn't have this remote control horse here, this could be a little bit more difficult than what we did today.

-One; of the goals of our show this year was to have you, the viewer, say to yourself, I didn't know that. No more than 30 yards away from Albrecht Clubhouse in the shadow of the flagstick of number 17, the first rendition of Mount Rushmore was done here.

I got goosebumps on my arm. Look at them.

-It's the blueberry capital of the world. A third of all blueberries are grown here.

-The smaller the berry, usually the more potent and more intensity of flavor.

STEVE: What you specialize in down here on this golf course is you test all these different grasses. And we've seen ones that you can cut once a month. What could be better than that?

MAN: The original seven sites were built at one time.

-It funds part of the retirement program. That's the uniqueness of the trail.

-This is breaking news, because no one has ever asked anyone if [INAUDIBLE]. But you're saying it actually happened.

-I'm not a real guitar player, so I'm just telling you [INAUDIBLE] like crazy.


-Oh, yeah.

MAN: Yeah, I rope a 600-pound steer. And I rope him around his horns. I have to handle him off properly and calmly, where he's easy to heel. And my partner comes in, and he ropes both feet, hopefully. And whoever's fastest wins the most money.

We're talking about the quarter horse. They're such good minding animals. And you can do so many things with them. You can race then, you can show them, you can ride them.

JOHNNY RODGERS: I got a big red rooster out there that's bigger than I am, faster than I am, and here's waiting out there for me. I noticed later on in my life that a lot of my running style was because of the rooster.

-I am standing on quite possibly the most unusual golf course in all of America, Prison View Golf Course, the Louisiana State Penn at Angola. This is the only prison in the United States that has its own golf course.

You've got a piece of machinery here that you shoot up into the clouds to break up hail?

-To break up the hail.



-You know, our job is to get your game better on our show. And even my game has improved this year from at least five great new shots I learned. Come with us and see one extraordinary shot from Rocco Mediate and the shot that won Jason Dufner the PGA.

-I kind of rotated there. See how opens it up? Now look how open that baby is.

-That way.

-Yeah. Face is wide open. That's open. That's square. That's closed. This position and this position on this shot, it's over. So you want to feel like it goes, [MAKING SWOOSH NOISE].

Body's moving. I'm not just doing my arms. The body's moving this way a little bit. I'm turning a touch. And then I'm going to under release it this way. So the club will--

-Under release means let it go.

-It goes here. So the club will sometimes hit me on the shoulder. Sometimes. I'm not going to have the face that it's going to be open like that. But it's a risky shot, really. It's not the easiest shot. But it goes up and up. I hit that a little too easy again. I could have a little more speed. But you see how the shot-- see what it did? It went straight up in there now.

I'm with 56 degree club, right? But how much loft was on that when I hit it?

STEVE: 70.

-Yeah, so I'll give it more pace this time. Same swing. Up. Boom. Much harder. That one should be OK. So how fast I went at that, it went nowhere.


-So I call it a trick shot. I mean, can you do hundreds of those in a row? Exactly no. You can't. You can't.

-You're a tricky guy. I'm very tricky. Very tricky.

-I had a bad line.

-Worse than that?

-Worse than you can get.

-OK. Let me go up in here.

-He he. That's pretty bad.


ROCCO: So you got his up-slope, so what I had to do is I had to lean with the slope. Get with the slope.

-Get with the slope.

-And then swing with the slope.

-Swing with the slope.

-So more of a hook motion.

-Oh, more hook motion?


-I'm going to make this up over swing.

-Just a hook. Yeah.

-Big hook swing. Were you as wide a stance as this?

-Yeah. Gotta go wide.

-Did you open your legs this far at this point in the tournament.

-Yeah, I was OK with that. Gotta go wide for the balance.


-But instead of being so steep with it, I was just like that.


-Soft like a butterfly.

-That was a butterfly. Up over to the hook.

-Yeah. Little sweep--

-That's awesome.

-Little sweep hook motion. Appreciate it.


-That was great.

One of the features on our show each week is we have a three hole throw down match with our guest highlighting the best holes of their course. Come take a look at the best moments. This is the partnership right here against these two.

-You ain't got it today.

-Yeah, I do.

-See, he's lucky. He's lucky. Get that ball out of the hole.

STEVE: JT don't talk much. I got a feeling, though, he might be one of those quiet assassins.

-Ready to go one up?


-Tie. The old super lip. Oh, here's a stymie. Oh, he a stymie.

-There's some more money. There's a lot of money.

-I tried the new stroke, and it didn't work out for me.


-That's a dollar. Oh, that's really unfortunate there. Nice.

MAN: Calder, that was--

MAN: Walk off. Punch out.

MAN: He hit that one right in the middle.

MAN: Walk off.

-Come back.


-Hey, this-- this ain't the big break. You know.

-It's got a chance.




-No, he didn't

-Yeah, we did.

-Oh, my god.


-Yes. Let's call it a tie. Let's call it a tie.


-Thank you, Bob. Thank you, Ed. Thank you.

-Thank you.

-Thank you for being my guests today. Good stuff.

I would not even try to imitate my favorite throw down moment. But here's a little hint.

MAN: Uh-oh.



-What? What the?


-What are we doing? What's going on here?



Was that a flip? Was that flip?

-It was a flip.

STEVE: Holy shit.

-Did I mention I used to be a gymnast?

-Yeah, I gathered.


You know, we have an animal almost in every show, most of the time a dog. Come with us on a trip and see all the other critters that we discovered this year.


-Recreation come from the word re-creation. This golf course is recreated every day differently. The hole is different. The greens are different. And you're supposed to come out and feel free in recreations to recreate yourself, and get out of the office, and be a different person out here. But they want to come out and find a way to dominate again. You got to be losing your mind. There's no way-- there's your way There's no way of doing this. It's your way of doing this.

-So on one of our episodes this year, we saw the greatest putter, Jackie Burke, taught us how to putt bringing the club inside, and inside, and over that ball. Little did we know, months later, when we were at Old Breckenridge Park, we ran into John, who showed us how to putt for money.

He very, very rarely missed. Put his ball on the toe, and then caught it in the center, and just made it hug along the ground like a rabbit running in the hole.

You got it on the toe. you go in, and you turn it over. Do you? You're in there close to it.

MAN: There you go. There you go.

-That's a stroke, huh.

-That's a stroke.


-We should start teaching golf from the green back to the tee, instead of teaching people to hit balls on the driving ranges. They need it to learn to putt and chip first.

-How would you tell them to start out? What I'd tell him is first put the putter in his hand up here.

STEVE: Not up there.


STEVE: And not down there. Just sort of in the middle?

JACKIE: Right. You just, in the bottom of that part of your hand right there.

STEVE: Yeah. And then where's the right go?

JACKIE: Right just fits right on it.

STEVE: No big open that up?

-Don't the putter down like this. Put the putter here, and walk your hands in, and put it up in front.

-That's kind of an old school move.

-Put it in front, because it is good to start motion.

-Oh, I see. So you say you put it in front, and it does two things, right? It gets the hands up.

-Right. Get your hands--

-Gets my hands in forward. And then it starts the motion. The only thing they're not selling now is a putting pill.


We need a pill for putting. A putt-putt pill.

STEVE: Putt-putt pill.

-In the early days, when you were a caddy, you had one club. I had a seven iron. And I would putt with my seven iron, and I'd just top spin the ball.

-And you start in the toe, but you come out, and you hit it in the center there. So it feels like you're coming up and over it, more or less. Is that right?

-It takes practice.

-If you putt long enough, you might have been a bad putter. But after you putt every day, you're going to become a pretty decent putter.

-That's some pros here. We had a lot of fun on our show this year. Come see how much fun we had while we did all our screw-ups.

-Are you ready? You got speed?

-So this is the 10th hole at-- [RASPBERRIES]. This is the 10th hole at Woodforest Golf Club.


WOMAN: Hold on one second.


MAN: I'm redoing a little-- I'm doing a little take.

-Mm-mm. Pecans.

-We're at Jason Dufner Street, Lane, Circle. What is it?




MAN: Just get-- just get two.

-There we are.

MAN: Send it.

-Prison View Golf-- sorry. I've got that bit. Now go back.

-Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. Duplicate?

-Are we rolling?

Get the hell away from us. Who do people think you people are?

-Where were we? Where are we?

-Uh, yes. [INAUDIBLE].

-Oh, yeah.

-So Elk--

-You are saying it to me. So Elk, we uh--

-Say it when you're ready.

-I'm ready. He's ready.

-You ready? OK.


-Yeah. Calm down. Hold the pose. Here we go.

You know, anything for TV. You know? Anything to make the show great.

You want it? You don't.



-Sorry. I thought he said roll.

MAN: You hang onto it. I'm out.

-Don't show that, please.