Jackie Burke - Let The Swing Go

Jackie Burke on letting the swing go from the top versus energizing in the golf swing.

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I'm just going to take it back and point it-- I'm going down the fairway. I just want to point it down there.

Where you going?

Where I'm going--

You don't want to point it over there.

No. And I'll just let it close on it's own. I don't try to get into it because if you move your body into it, you might open it. But if you do your body the other way, you're going to close it. If you just stand here and trust-- a swing is that you got a little girl up, that's where it came, and you let it go. There is no swing. The swing comes down and then it gets fast.

Yeah. A swing can only be fast one time.

Right. You bring it up and you have to let it-- if you got into it, you're going to push her out of the swing-- the little girl. So just let it go.

Let it go.

And it'll come down and then swing.

Then swing it.

So if you try to energize a swing, and push yourself in it, you're going to lose it. Do not try to energize.

Don't try to jump into it.


Use the club, right?

Just let the swing have its own energy. You're not to supply any of the energy.

Let's see you demonstrate that.


We might have to put you back on the tour if you're going to do that.