Jackie Burke - Short Putt, Short Stroke

Jackie Burke demonstrates how one revolution of the golf ball travels one hand length, thus no need to crush the ball.


Now if you're putting on this low cut green that's all inside putting, and guys are hitting it so goddamned hard that they pull putt. Because you're trying to keep it online, but you're really going to have to go in there to show.


So if you go in, if you take a putter in, and you take it in slow, the speed in this green will almost put it in, you know what I mean? These short putts, you don't need a big swing. Short putt, short stroke. Long putt, long stroke.

Heavy hit.

Heavy hit.

Heavy, huh, right?

Yeah, don't hit it.


Don't energize.

I'm just saying, the transfers--

Keep this as a wait list.

He's saying you have it if your ball has a nice hit on it. Where do you want [INAUDIBLE]?

Put that right hand up. Let go, let go. OK, light, just touch it. OK, now just slow. Up there on top--


--just touch it.

Mr. Burke says, the Titleist 3 right there, to make one revolution to get back to where it's a Titleist 3 again, it goes--

A hand.

--it goes the length of your hand, like five inches.

Let me show him so he can teach it.

Yeah, OK.

Stretch those fingers out. You turn it over one time the length of your hand. Relax that little grist.