Jackie Burke: Anchor Putting

Jackie Burke demonstrates how to "anchor" putt legally with your arms attached to the body.

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Putting Putting Stroke Putting Setup Jackie Burke, Jr.


You file forward in a ring. I'm not going in a ring like that. I'm going in a ring like this.

All right.

So because this is my power. And if I can't put it in there close enough, then there's no sense in using it.


So your arms are like that.

All right, like this, right?

They're never out here.


They're always with you. If you chop the tree down, anything you do, these arms are going to be right there with you.

So I've been, what do they call it?

You used to do taekwondo.

Yeah, but I've been--

Oh, billy putting your whole life. Yeah, I've been anchoring oh, anchoring. I've been anchored right there.

Show us what you mean by that.

I said, what do you mean by anchoring? You haven't defined anchoring yet. You're just saying that this is anchoring. I said, what about this? That's not anchoring?

It is, but it's OK.

But it's OK, yes.

You'd be in a mess if they got rid of that.

Oh, I'm telling you, if I had to go like that--

Forget it.

I'm like that, and I just drop the putter.