Mickelson's 3 Foot Circle

Jackie Burke tells the story of how he told Phil Mickelson to putt in 3 foot circles to improve his putting.


Three feet--

Yeah. This is all we need right here. And we're going to make a circle. And then we're going to putt in circles and get our ball. So we're not going to sweep up.


Well, you know this story-- Phil Mickelson did this and he was-- he came here to get a lesson from Mr. Burke. Mr, Burke walked out here and said, I'm going to tell you whatever I tell everyone. You've got to be able to make it from here. And Mickelson said what? He said, I already know how to do that.

Yeah. I said, well, you're a big gambler. For how much, you know how to do it? Because I said, when you put 100 in a row in, I'll be in my office. He said, I'll do it right now. I said, well, for how much? He said, the best dinner in Houston. He missed the fourth ball.

You got a good dinner, didn't you?

And then he said, let me have a double or nothing. And what did he miss, on the tenth ball?


So then he came out on the tour and started doing it right. And that's when he started winning.