Jason Dufner - Trackman Controlling Spin Through Speed

Jason Dufner demonstrates how he controls spin through speed.


What do you do to hit it 60? I mean we've all read different things, and you have everything--

For me it's a speed thing, how fast is my torso turning. Some people like to do the clock. You know, this, this, this, this, this. I just kind of feel the back swing. But it's more of a speed and feel thing for me.

So it's a memory thing for you.

You know, I can go real short.

How far are you going to go with this one?

I'll hit this one like 80, but I can go real short on my back swing.


Real short with a lot of speed.

Yeah, it's not really a distance of a back swing thing to me, it's a speed thing. So that went 84.

That's still a big number over there.

About one to one. I didn't catch that one as good. Once you start getting up a little bit higher, you start losing that ratio a little bit. But I'll try to hit this one about 30, and really spin it.


That's a little further. That's probably close to 40. 34. And we almost got two to one there.

So that was big spin?

That's a lot of spin.

And that one there looked like to me that you didn't take it back hardly anything, but you had more speed, so you went shorter with more speed.

Little short. And I can show you-- this would be not as good of technique. And you can actually see how the numbers will change. [CLUB STRIKING BALL]

That was pretty good spin.

That was a good one.

What you're saying is, you've got four wedges. You have your 56, 52. You go through and check all that.

Yeah, and it's great, because I can work on my distance control. I can work on my height, which I'm pretty specific about, because trajectory equals distance control. And I can check my spin rates and my launch angles. So it gives me a good, general idea of where my wedges are. And then we can work.

I know you can turn buttons on and turn buttons off. Is there proof up here-- can we turn the angle of attack on?

They won't pick up wedges.

It won't up wedges.

It will get our full swings. So when I'm doing wedges, I'm just looking at mainly smash factor, carry, height, spin rate. Those are the ones I'm looking at with my wedges, just to make sure I'm getting the grip I need, and learning what 60 yards, 70 yards, 105 yards feels like.