Jason Dufner: Before Pulling the Trigger

Jason Dufner discusses his famous waggle.

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You are world famous for your waggle, but you don't really use it that much. More of a comfort, you just said it.

Yeah, it's just a-- I played a lot of baseball growing up. When I was playing baseball, I'm pretty sure I was in the batter's cage. I'm not just standing there waiting for him. I'm moving, right? My feet are moving. My bat's moving. You see the guys in major league, they all have their--

Jackie Book says, when you go up to dance with a girl, he says, you don't just stand there and walk up. He says, you do a little bit on the way up there.

There you go. So that's what we're doing. I see a lot of guys-- everybody has their little things. I see a lot of guys--

I lift. I don't waggle. No, I lift. I lift.

Some guys tap. I've seen guys tap.


I haven't seen many guys that are just--

Sevvy used to not waggle, but he used to waggle his feet. He's put the club down, and then he would--

Something was moving.

He'd do his--


He was waggling.

Yeah, so nobody goes straight static. You have that half a second where systems go static, and then--


--but I don't see many guys that are just--

Do you have a-- like I use-- I forward press my right knee when I go.


You don't have a-- you don't have a--

No trigger, man.

No trigger, yeah.

Just goes.

Yeah, like Jack, Jack used to get in there, and then he'd turn his head and go, right?

Then go, yeah. The waggle, I think, is my trigger. Whenever I feel comfortable, I'm waggling, waggling. Actually, you know what my trigger probably is, is if you watch this waggle, it's above, and then all of a sudden it touches.

So when it touches, that's when it goes. We'll see if you can get that. I'm waggling, getting comfortable, and then you can see right there, it touches.

I see it.

It almost does a--

Does a little hop.

--and then I go. So that probably is my trigger.

Once it touches.


And you don't know when it's coming down right, necessarily.

Whenever it feels comfortable.

Yeah, until everything says, yeah, I'm going.