Jason Dufner: Reading Clubface

Jason Dufner explains what the clubface on a wedge looks like when struck properly.


So we were just hitting some 40, 50-yard wedge shots. And you guys are always wondering why we're changing balls so much. If you can look on here on this club face, you can see where that cover of the golf ball is ripped off. I hit about, I don't know, eight or nine shots. And it kind of is going in this diagonal line. That means I've got a little bit of a cut plane. And then we've got some of the golf balls we've grabbed, and you can see that's bruising pretty good. Ripping the cover off, as they say. So that's what you want for your 40, 50-yard wedges. They'll stop. That's telling me that golf ball's on that club face a long time in order to rip that cover off and leave it right there on the face.