Jason Dufner: Right Shoulder and the Right Swing

Jason Dufner demonstrates his shoulder turn in the backswing.


Take me from the way you are at the top.

For me all right shoulder based. I'm constantly feeling and thinking about what my right shoulder's doing.

Backswing and start of the downswing.

Yeah. That's another thing that I've worked on some this year is getting my shoulders to turn in a level position. So from my address, we can see that this is on a certain level. I want those to turn on the same level, right. I don't want this tip action.

No tip for you.

When I get this tip action, handle gets high, hands get high.

Which is not awesome for you.

Not awesome for me. So I'm thinking about right shoulder turning on the same level that it was grasped.


You know.

And then on the downswing, it's coming right back down.

I'm trying to hit the inside quadrant of the ball with my right shoulder. That's all I think about. I'm not trying to think about my hips. Never think about my hands or my arms.


I think the hands and arms just hold on to the club.


They're not doing any work for me. And that's an old golf machine term right there, right.


So I just like to hold on. They hold on to the club. They don't do much work. I got the waggle, for that's a comfort. And then I'm always thinking about right shoulder. How's my right shoulder moving? Is it moving on the right level? Is it moving far enough? You know, sometimes I get short. That's not deep enough.


We got to keep it deep. And then coming down, I just want that thing firing through the golf ball.

Yeah. Yeah.

Cover. So on the down the line view, you'd see a lot more of my back at impact. If I didn't cover it, I'd be in here, right.


So now I've got to reach the ball. I got to hit with my hands or my arm.

You don't want that. No.

That's no Bueno for me.

No Bueno for you.