50 Yard Pitch

Steve Elkington hits 50 yard pitch shots with Jason Dufner and Trackman.


Started at 50 yards-- let's go 50 yards and see where you're at. Oh, that's pretty good. 68 yards, 9,800-- that was ripping.

That was.

That was a ripper.

So I hit that one 68. That wasn't too good for my [INAUDIBLE]. I just flew it over the back.

You flew it over the back, but it was spinning.

I didn't know you were going to tell me how far. I thought I was going to say that was about 50.

That's pretty good.

So that was spinning.

That one's ripping.

So I do mine a little different. I know you-- so when I set up to my-- because I play a more of an open shot and more of a fade, mine's always going to be ripping on a wedge with the fade?

You should be. You'd be surprised, though. You can get those hooks ripping too.

Yeah. There's my 50. What did that say?

It's coming.

54, 6,600-- you didn't get that one as goo.

I got the distance right.

54 carry-- still over.

Oh, that was still a little bit over? So you're really getting it down into the--

There we go.

That went 58.

That went over the back too.

70. 70 and 92, and your land angle came down about seven degrees.

[INAUDIBLE]. OK, what does that mean?

That means it was coming in flatter.


But it was ripping more.

Was it?

But you're still going long.

I would never play that shot, just between me and you.

50 yards.

OK, here we go. There's 50.

That could be 50-- 61.

That was ripping, though. It was 8,000.


So that was coming back. Those are ripping.