95 Versus 60 Gram Shaft

Steve Elkington and son Sam test out the difference in numbers between a 95 and 60 gram shafts in a driver.


Low, hands farther, shallow. There it is! There it is! 180 ball speed. Three thousand spin. Flew 303 yards in the air. Yeah, that's a 350 yard runout. So here's the experiment. Here's the experiment. We're going to try a different shaft.

This is for the golfer freaks out there that really know their stuff. This is a 9 degree driver, TaylorMade [INAUDIBLE] Superfast with a 95 gram shaft. We're going to drop 30 grams out of the shaft. That's a 60 gram shaft. And let's see what numbers it produces to see if it actually gets more speed, or less speed, or more spin, or whatever. Let's just see what happens.

Oh my God. Spin rate didn't pop up. But there it is-- 1,900. OK. So ladies and gentlemen, pay attention. 177-- that's not relevant. The launch angle was perfect, but the spin was not high enough. We need that. That's 1,900 spin. Remember we said 2,500 to 3,000. If he was playing with that at the British Open, that flew 309 yards in the air, that would run 75 yards. That would be a 400 yard drive because it's coming in so hot. But if there was a bunker out there that was 311 yards, he could've carried it with that driver. That was a joke.