Downswing Hip Action

Steve Elkington demonstrates how to keep the hips loaded until later in the downswing.


What's driving this swing-- you can see right there these hips are loaded. Once I move from back in that corner out to the toe, you can see right there, this hip wants to fire. So I'm going to hold that. I'm going to hold that like some sort of a spring. I'm going to put that into that right back here, move it out, and I'm going to hold it. You'll be able to see me hold it until those arms get down to where I can put the jets on with everything at the same time. I move that pivot into that right ankle.

That's just a coordinated very heavy hit, like a wrecking ball. It's not an arm swing, like that. It's into that leg, out onto that soft knee. Arms are starting to come down-- bang! That's how you make a pivot. So many people are confused. They think they just go to the top of their swing and hit the jets with everything. Well how is that all going to line up?

You've got this 90 degrees, this is 45, we hit the jets. This is going to not line up with this one. This is 45 degrees wound more. So I say let's control that pivot. As you can see I stepped across here and caught my line. I've got that into that right ankle. Look at that. That hip is loaded right there. This is bent. This is not straight, but it's straighter than this leg, so that's anatomically a little bit downhill, which is what we want. And arms coming down-- bang! Right around the corner. That's what gets me right out through it.