Pivot In The Swing

Steve Elkington explains how to pivot in the full swing.


To me the pivot, what drives that pivot, is so important, probably the most important part of the swing. So what's the pivot?

Pivot is that right hip, for me, the hip and the way it goes straight back into the right cheek, right into the right ankle. That loads that hip there. Now I've only got 20 degree turn there. But it's right into that hip. And because it's right into the hip, this leg's bent, this one's maybe a little bent, but it's certainly not as bent as this one. So now I've got a little angle. This is a little higher than this one because it's straighter. So I'm I'm already going a little down hill, which is perfect for chipping and pitching.

Pivot goes into that right cheek. From there everyone thinks it just jets out. It doesn't do that. It's got to go-- it's going to move into a bent left leg, out onto the-- right out the left toe. So I feel like my pivot goes into the right cheek, out onto the left. toe. Now I haven't used any hip yet. OK. Now I can add that loaded hip as I go around the corner.

It would make sense to anyone that if I was making a bigger swing, and the shoulders were turned 90 degrees, the hips are 45, and they said, I'm going, I'm going to make a downswing. Well, how does a 90 degree and the 45 degree, how does it all line up?

Well I say, that pivot goes right into the right cheek, out onto that soft left leg there, 90 degrees, 80, 75, 60, 50, 45. Now we're approximately both open the same amount, I haven't used hips yet. So now, bang, I can go right around that corner.

To me, the pivot is the most unworked on the golf swing. If you can have a great pivot and play great golf with a square club face.