Brittany Lang - Hitting Driver with Water Right

Brittany Lang explains her Driver technique with water on the right.


So we've come back to the ninth hole here. We played the other hole where the water was on our left. Now we're on the other side, because I'm interested in what you're going to do here. You like to play left to right now, put the water on the right for you.


What's the first thing we've got to establish here?

What direction is the wind coming from if there's wind.

If I had to point to it, I'd say it's going that way, right there.

I'd agree.


So we got to right to left wind with the trouble on the right.

But we don't want to go way left either.

Correct, so our first order of business is our target. So to me I love that cart, which is the edge of the clubhouse.

OK, the steeple where you got married is just to the right of that.

That would be ideal too, but the fairway kind of comes back, so maybe we go right in between that.

Sounds pretty conservative with the weather off the right.

I'll tell what, I like the steeple. Let's go at that steeple there. You've got the wind right to left. I'm going to aim right up at that, and ensure that I swing nice and aggressive. But again, it's the same shot.

And you've got a little room for a push here too.

You do.

With the help on the wind, so you don't miss left.

I don't want to be thinking about that.

No, OK.

Not with that, not with the water on the right. So I'm going to just--

So if my caddy was speaking to you like I'm speaking to you, I would have fired him, because I don't want him to tell me anything. But we're just doing this, because we want to hear what you think.

I've never talked this much on the tee box in my entire life. [CHUCKLE]

I'm glad, because my caddy, I tell him, hey, look, I'll do this. You carry the bag.

This is our talk, target, steeple, OK, good.




So you pushed it. But hey, it's perfect. I mean it's so down the perfect line.

It was still a nice and aggressive swing. I didn't have a lot of cut on it. I didn't quit on it.

One of the things I've noticed about you today, and invariably when I am with the good players, after the course of the day I find out what's their deal. You're just a really, really disciplined aimer. And you let your swing do your deal.

Very nice to hear that, because I have worked hard on that, because I was not.

I'm not a disciplined aimer. I am not disciplined. I go over there until it feels OK, then I just do my deal. I can't be disciplined aiming.

Well, I know how important it is for me to hit shots like that or to make my putt. So that's my deal, I got to commit to it.

I understand. I'm with you. I'm all about the commitment. I just can't be disciplined with my aiming. I aimed lefter no matter. I can't come back. Once I go left, I can't come back. [CHUCKLE] I'm lost to the left some way.