Brittany Lang - Making 3 Footers

3 foot putts make the most skilled putters fret. See how Brittany Lang handles the short putt.

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Putting Short Putts Putting Stroke Brittany Lang


You know this better than anyone, and I do, too, that we have to make a lot of these putts right here. I always get my players to tell me how they make the three-footer for a lot of pressure. I know you get this question for lot of-- by amateurs-- for money, whatever. We face a lot of these. Is there something, other than you've already told us, what you do on the three-footers? How do you get them all in? We want to make a 100 out of 100 here on tour.

The key for me at this length is definitely staying down. Just keeping your head down, not peeking up and seeing where it's at, especially on this range. It's keeping-- holding that finish, staying here. Even if your eyes are looking, still keeping that head very still.

Keeping it just still.

That will help you make a lot more of these.

OK, so let's see you--

And again still, you know, really seeing it go in the hole--

You've read that it's just right of center a little bit?

Yeah, get your practice strokes, but still really seeing it go in and really staying down through the putt.

Yeah. We have to make all of those. We want to.

We want to.

We want to, whether it's making the cut, or finishing ninth instead of twelfth, or, you know--

You get a lot of those short putts, and keeping the head down will help you make way more. You can maybe not have that great of a stroke, keep your head down, still might catch a corner.