Stacy Lewis: Equipment - 4 Iron To Hybrid

Stacy Lewis demonstrates how she hits her 4 iron - hybrid.


[MUSIC PLAYING] This is your four.

This is a four iron, yep.


So the biggest thing for me as I get to a longer club is just allowing more time on the backswing here before the body goes.

Just let it--

Time in general, because as this club gets longer, it's going to take longer--

Take a little longer.

--to get to the top. So my body needs to realize, hey, we've got to slow down a little bit--

That's not that easy to do though for a lot of people. That's why I think people-- when I asked you early, it's like, how do you know when you're up there properly? And you said it was the right elbow. Does it still apply here?

A little bit, but it's really more, to me, where my right hip is in relation to my shoulders.

So explain that just a little bit. Give me [INAUDIBLE] at the top.

So right hip, when it's in a good spot, you're turning up against it.

Up against it, like that.

So it's not going backwards. So you could put something here.

It's not going there.

It's not going backwards. So the bad would be when it goes back, because then the arms don't know where to go.


So what I'm trying to do is turn that right hit into that right hip and get those shoulders there at the same time.

I can already sense that you build your swing around flexibility up top and stability down low, and just very methodically work your way through on this big circle. You paint a big circle.

It's very feel-oriented to me. You know, it's not a whole lot of positions, or I want my hands to be here or there. I leave that to my coach. He can look at the videos and look at that, but--

And your coach, who I've met-- a very nice man-- he gives you a lot of things to do, like drills and keeps it fun for you. Right?

Yeah. I honestly hate hitting balls on a range. So he gives me drills, like the one we did earlier, or hinging the hands up and hitting lawn. I mean, I just sit there and do drills all day and hit some full shots, and then go play.


But I like to--

And you do that because you like to be where you can actually aim at something and make something finish next to a hole.

Yeah, because this range is a little bit different than most. You've got trees. You can say, I'm going to hit a cut around, or you're going to drill it, where a lot of ranges are pretty boring. You know? You've got a green with a flag and then nothing.

There's a couple of trees down the other end. When we go back there to do the short game, I think we'll do a few curves down there. So now you've finished with your four. Let's hit one more four, because there's probably not many lady golfers that have the four out there. But you have the four, because you like to drive it?

I've always hit it pretty good-- I mean, I've always hit my irons a little bit higher. So I can hit a four iron. And I just prefer an iron over a hybrid.

You do? Yeah.

I have a couple of different versions of a four iron. I have one that's actually bent to a three iron that I use. I call it my British Open one. Got it for Hoylake a few years ago that just gets out there and rolls more off the tee. So it goes. It carries like five or six yards further. So I'll switch them out, depending on the golf course, if there's a par three or tee shots.

So now we've gone into these guys. Although one of them is a 3-wood. Is it?

Well, these are technically the same. These are new ones.

OK. You're testing.


Green testing mode right now.

We're in testing mode, yes.

So you're four iron approximately goes-- what?

About 185.

185. OK. And then the next jump would be?

Hybrid around 200.

This one has a lot of no paint on it. This has been in there a long time.

This one's been in there a long time.

Can I show the camera that, because this has got serious wear in the face there. Are you on that? That's serious sweet spot there.

This one's been hard to beat. And the new one is not beating it yet.

We have a saying that if it doesn't beat it, it doesn't get in.

Yep, and Mizuno's OK with that. They know that. I like the new one. We're still working on the weights of it.

This is a little funky for you.

A little bit.

A little bit. Can we get a little hog maybe?

I know. I need some red in there. Right?

So hybrid. 200.


And these clubs, Stacy, they're easy to hit. Let's be honest.

Yeah, I mean, you could hit them-- I mean, ball's down in the rough, and you need something to just kind of get out there and trickle and roll, you can just chop this thing out of there.


It's like cheating really.


There's that little--

Little cut.

--Stacy Lewis fade. A lot of people will be interested to know that you do hit the fade. But a fade-- and you know, I play the fade too. You can play it so well under pressure. Coming down the stretch, to me, it's easy to keep it in play, instead of trying to balance this, the big draw.

Yeah, it's just my kind of go-to shot is to even get a little bit wider and hit that little baby fade down there.

So you go a little wider so you can get ahead of it a little bit.

No, it holds the body back a little bit. So when that body's back a little bit, you're more hitting up on it. So it's going to fade a little bit. And it's just kind of--

That's your go-to.

Yeah, just my go-to shot.

You don't-- you know, you're a very straight hitter anyway.

Yeah, I mean, we're talking draws and fades that aren't really going--

Yeah, not much.

--that far.