Stacy Lewis: High Drop Shot

Stacy Lewis demonstrates how to hit a big drop shot.


[MUSIC PLAYING] So we're going to hit that shot that you talked about, where you actually finish up higher. And of course, I already know how natural a player you are. You instinctively know that if you're going to hit it high, it's just going to go through, and it's going to be up here.



Right. I mean this is a shot that I hardly ever hit. I mean, it's just-- you don't really need it too much, and it's not really worth it to me. But I mean, it's there.

Maybe at a rough.

Yeah. At a rough.

Or over a tree.

But I have it if I need it. So it's a little bit wider of a stance, that you can create some more speed. Ball position's still forward. And it's again-- it's the hinge, the hinge through the thumb there--

And then the turn.

And then the go. Yeah.

That's a big swing too. See that had the little pro spin on it.

Had some pro spin on it there.

Pro spin. Who says the girls don't-- the chicks don't spin it.

That's right.

So, Yeah, like you say. You might hit it in the right rough or something short. You might throw it up high, over a bunker. But you're saying the reason you don't use it much is because it's a little risky--

It's pretty risky.

And there's no need to unless you absolutely have to.

Yeah. I mean-- and I try not to put myself in situations where I have a shot like this. I mean, I don't hit it 350 yards and then have to go hack it around. I'm hitting a lot of fairways where I don't really need it too much.


But I mean, say one day you have a shot like this and you get it up and down, it's a shot that keeps a round going.


That's why you practice it. That's why you practice hitting out of trees and hitting [INAUDIBLE] shots, because you just never know when you're going to need it.

I mean, you make a big motion and things can go wrong when you make a big-- really big motion.


But it's basically trying to-- ball forward, swinging up to a high finish.

Doing everything possible to not hit it very far with a big swing. So ball position's forward. The clubface is open. The hips don't move a whole lot. We're hinging it. I mean, we're taking a lot of distance out of this shot just by kind of the setup.


There's a good one.

Quite far enough.

Front edge. It's OK.

Not bad.

One more. Let's hit one more up there. Knock it up this [INAUDIBLE] But it's a high finish. Has to be.

Has to be. That thing's got so much spin.

Yeah. You're just making a big swing and it's just--


But that's a great shot to have.

Almost trying to spin it too much now. It's not going anywhere.

There it is. That's a spinner right there. There it is. There's a crowd pleaser.