Jason Kokrak - Pitching - Out Of The Rough

Jason Kokrak demonstrates how he pitches out of the rough.


So this shot, you have to hit it far. So, same school of thought with in the bunker. If you want it really high, you kind of use that deep, high pattern, which is going to lift it higher, so you're going to have to swing a little bit faster. But if you want to hit it low, and guaranteed hit it far enough, kind of just hit your natural kind of low finish or a little bit aloft, a little bit wide open, low backswing to a natural follow-through.

And you're going to lob it up over the bunker. So I can use a little bit more speed, coming through it, instead of relying upon the golf club to lift it out. I personally like to hit it a little bit steeper, and really, really get underneath the golf ball so I know the ball is going to spin, and really get up underneath it.

I love the way you pitch.