How to Hit a Long Bunker Shot

Bradley Hughes demonstrates how to hit a long bunker shot. Very important for the US Open


So realistically from here you've got a chance to get in this close because you bacled into the wind, right?

Absolutely. Like I said, the midst is in the water, or here, if you're not perfect. There's nothing wrong with here--


--on an on a tricky hole. So, just a nice high bunker shot. Looks like just on and out to the left there.


Or a little chunk that will work.

You kind of missed it and made it almost.

That'll work.

That'll work. So, we know that if you have a fair amount of speed in the bunker, and you hit it a little fat with a fair amount of speed, you're going to get away with it.



Speeds good.

Speed good. So you have lots of open, right? Plenty of open face. Plenty of speed.

Speeds always good. And if you miss in the air--

If you miss on the fat side---

--you're still going to have--

--with some speed, you're going to get some momentum to drag it through, right?

Exactly. But wouldn't you agree like if you were hitting a hybrid, would you just take dead aim right at the pin?

You know, I really would probably do more like you did. I'm not going to throw it out across that water.


You know, I'm going to play it-- I'm going to play like you did. I'm going to play it--

At the house--

--where you play--

--to the green bush?

Yeah, oh yeah. No doubt. No doubt. I mean, you don't need to go out over that thing. What is it, pretty straight or coming to me, or not?

I think it's coming-- I think it's coming just a hair right left. So, I'm going to just stay down and see it go in that hole.


Oh, yeah.

So we got our fourth, so.

So you're in the par. So, it's not the end of the world when you miss a green. You've got to have shots, right? You've got to have up and down ability. I remember one time Mr. Burke told me, don't freak out if you hit it in the bunker because it's like a kicker in football, you may have a really good kicker on the sideline, every offense is going to stall.


And you might have a super bunker game. Let the bunker guy be the star every once in a while.

I agree. And I think it's really important, you know, we talked about a good attitude. It's important when you have bad results to say, OK, well, here's a here's an opportunity for me to chip in or hit it in that--

Yeah, show--

--here's another opportunity.

Yeah. It's true. It sounds corny, but it's true.

It does. Yeah, it does sound corny.

But everybody has to have a really good kicker.

They do.

In this case, you know--

The kickers win or lose Super Bowls.

Exactly. And that's-- don't you think this win or lose the Super Bowls too?


Or majors?