Colt Knost - Downswing: Right Shoulder Below Left & Knees Together

Colt Knost demonstrates the importance of right shoulder and knee positions in the downswing.


You've talked to us about what you're trying to do on the back swing. You've got your good tempo. You're not all that concerned about the length. You've got the chest, the arms, and the body all moving the same speed. What do you think of coming in?

So for me, like I said, I get to the top, I shift into the lower-- the left foot-- and I just turn the left hip out of the way. And if my right shoulder finishes lower than my left, it's normally going to turn out pretty good.

I want to-- show that again. I want to see where that right shoulder is so I can show people where that right shoulder is.

So I'll give you an example of a bad one. So if I get overturned or this way, then I go this way, and the right shoulder is now on top of the left.

Too high.

And so I finish this way-- right hip, right shoulder, everything's higher. So in a perfect world, I want my knees almost touching and my right shoulder lower that my left.

I see. Let me see that.

So you're saying that you want that right shoulder-- you want that shoulder down and this one up here.

Yeah, my eyes almost feel like they're like this.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

When I'm looking at it like this, that means I used my hands a lot and things were out of sync.


Now, hold that right there. Now, we talked about why your eyes and everything-- do you have something like is a good finish? Do you get to a certain point and say, that's how I should feel?

Yeah, like I said, my knees touching--

Touch is good.

Yeah, because like you watch like-- I know they talk about it with Mickelson a lot, you know his legs get pretty active. And when it gets going that way, he's in bad shape. We all are. And it happens to me sometimes too. I get out of sync and I try to save it, and my right hip and right shoulder get high.

I used to put my knees together way back when. Maybe I need to do that.

Yeah. It's something Randy has taught me since I was 17 years old and it's always been a great key for me when I get off. Those little check points I just always go back to when I'm off.