Jason Kokrak - Downswing Whip

Jason Kokrak demonstrates how he gets his power in the downswing.


I think it's a lot has to do with timing, you know. If you get here and you dump it, and you're using a lot of power but, you know, my whole body is rotating with my hips. But I kind of let everything come down through the whip right there. You know, I'm not, I'm not too far out in front of it. I'm not behind it.

You wait, wait and then let it go at the bottom.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I let it go at the bottom, the last possible second, you know.

Sometimes when we ask people how they hit it so far, it's almost what, it's almost just as good as what you don't do.


What you don't do is you never hit from up here.

You're never outside. You're never, you never have the death grip on it. The harder you,


No, no.

It's always coming from underneath.

Yeah, it's, you know, a lot of people drive their power from the ground up. They drive from that right foot up through the golf ball. They're not, they're not, it's not all arms. It's not all heman strength.

It's definitely sequenced.

Yeah, yeah, it's definitely a sequence. You know, once you get it to here, your body weight's up on your right hand, right-hand side, right foot. And then as soon as you start, you get it almost from the ground, from the earth. And then you start that power down through and then the hips take over, and then everything's released right at the golf ball.

Right at--


Let it catch up.

Yeah. You know, that's where you get that lag and that, you know, that bend to that shaft, you coming down through the golf ball. And it's like just the crack of the whip right down at the bottom.

Right at the bottom, yeah.

But it also--

So what you don't do is you don't keep on lagging on by.


You go down some lag, and then you let it out.

You let it out. I mean, that's where, you know, you see a lot of guys, you know, if you want straight, you see a lot of guys drive all the way through it and keep that club head very square all the way through.

Like a Zach Johnson kind of.

Zach Johnson holds on very well, hits a nice tight little draw. You know, you see some other guys, like Dufner hits it really, really straight, you know. He's got a lot of club head turnings. He's a little flatter than I am, really kind of turns that club over. You'll see, I let it through, and I try to hold on but I've already hit the golf ball. That whip has already cracked, and I just try to follow it down the line.

When you say crack, you're like wide, coming in narrower, and then zoom.

Whack it there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.