Pat Perez - Controlled Fade (Part 3)

Pat Perez demonstrates how to fade the ball rotating the club face clockwise in the downswing.

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Shot Shaping Hitting a Fade Pat Perez Full Swing


I'll come down, and I either can rotate my fingers a little clockwise, rotate it so the face is open. So if I aim just a little left, I can lay that shaft down clockwise and open that face for me. I'll play it that way.


Let's try that one-- a little clockwise. Maybe that's the fade.

I don't know.

You see that?

I saw it.

Show me your interpretation of that back here. So go to the top of your swing for me. In your brain, I want you to think of your hands falling clockwise-- clockwise, clockwise. Now, look at the face.

Yeah, now, it's open.


Now, it has to come out.

Yeah. So aim a little left. Aim a little left of the flag there, and just, on the change of direction, just go clockwise. That's easy, isn't it?

It's easier, yes.

Easy-- it's not a hard feel.


Do that again. I liked seeing that one there. Show me your interpretation of it. Yeah, so in your brain, it would be clockwise-- just clockwise wrist. What's that feel like?

It feels like the [INAUDIBLE] is wide open.


But it's not really doing all of that.

Well, you're not going to get too much curve on the wedges, but that's pretty interesting for you, huh?

If you're doing that with a driver, it would be a different story.

Oh, that's where it's the money.


I bet.

It is, for me. Aim a little-- well, are you going back to the draw, or are you going to--

No, no, no.


I'm over here.

That's so different for you.

It puts some height in it.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's making the club a little more open. Yeah.

Huh. It's a little different.

You like it?

Yeah, I mean--


It's different.

There it is right there. There it is, right there, clockwise-- so easy.

It's just a high--

I used to watch these guys, like Cal Peete and Hal Sutton, some of these older names, Mark McCumber, some of these guys, Trevino, Lietzke-- and they'd come into these little wedges. And I wasn't a very good wedge player. And they would just drop that. My interpretation was they'd just drop that shaft clockwise. It just puts so much juice on it.


Look at that thing.

Oh, it made

It's in.

That went in.

Did you see that?

It's in.

It went in. It jammed jammed into the cup.