Ryan Palmer: Driver - Distance and Power

Ryan Palmer’s tour statistics on both distance and power are impressive. Discover how he generates that power in his swing to gain distance.


Guy's question, how do you hit it so far?

Well it's a downstroke load.

It looks effortless they say.

I mean, it does to me.

I mean it's the low backswing, loading up, the down-cock. This is where the power generates, obviously.


When we're coming through and it's just all your hips, the snap of the wrist. Not the snap of the wrist.

The uncocking of the wrist. Yeah.

Yeah. And just believe in what we're doing.

I've got strong legs and I'm able to generate a lot more power from the ground. And you know the way I swing at it, it's not a very long backswing, but I generate the power in the down-cock of the swing. But then I've got strong hips, strong legs and I'm able to generate the power to help get the swing speed I need, the ball speed I need to get the ball out there.

So again, the balls going to be up a little bit. We're going to check the hips. Shoulders are square. We're going to go low and slow. Show the buttons.


Let it go.


I mean all of it comes with-- I believe in what my swing does.

You bet.

And that's why I say, bring the game you brought. Don't try to fix your game to match somebody else's. If somebody tried to do what I do, they couldn't do it at times. But they could take little things in my golf swing--

You bet.

--the wide stance, the long backswing, the triangular shoulders.

You could certainly play a downstroke load from a square face, absolutely. You could play it from close like you do. Really big power. Absolutely, can learn a lot from you.

There's so many different swings. The key, obviously, is to get squared impact. I mean, you watch Jim Furyk how he gets to impact.

Dustin Johnson.

Dustin. His swing feels different. I mean, there are so many-- Zach Johnson.


Even Dufner. There's so many guys that swing so differently.

Coat crack.

But they in the square on impact.

Same spot.

But it's just how their swing is, and how they approach the game, and how they approach each shot. And this is what works for me and it's worked for a long time.