Colt Knost - Set Up - Grip

Colt Knost demonstrates his grip in detail.

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You're very particular about how you put a grip on. Can you show us what you're doing there.

Honestly, I probably have a little bit of a weak grip. But I tend to get it a little--

Show me what you mean when you say weak.

So weak's a little this way were the palm's more towards the target.

Show me strong.

You've got a guy like Dustin Johnson who's this way. And then weak's this way.


So I'm pretty neutral, but maybe just a slightly hair towards the weak side.

I see when you put it down, you're like really careful.

I just get that reminder right in the middle of my fingers here, which is right through there. You can see, it just wears a small little line in my glove right there. But that's my first thing. And then I get that pad--

On top.

Yeah. This pad right here. I never want it in my palm. The meat of your hand right there. Right on top, which allows it to support. And then--

What about the right hand?

The right hand. I do an overlap because it's a little easier for me with smaller hands. And then get the shaft just down the side where I like this V to be nice and tight. You don't want it over here like this. Just a nice tight little V there. And that's it. And I just feel the club on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 5 in my hand.

You don't want it too tight. You don't want it too lose. Just nice and relaxed forearms and turn it back.

The reason I noticed that is I'm very careful with the way I put my grip on. And to me I think if I have a really good grip, it's almost all over with.

Yeah. You've got to start with that. You have a poor grip or--

But I see so many other guys-- not amateurs, just whatever.

Yeah. For sure. Yeah, you want to be comfortable. But at the same time, you want to start with-- everything starts with a proper grip. Everything starts from right there. That's the first thing you do is put your hands on the club. And if I feel like they're in a good position, most of the time things end up pretty good.