Ryan Palmer: The Grip

Ryan Palmer has a strong grip. See how he places his hands on the club.

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Would you show us how you put your hands on the club? What do you consider your grip?

I would consider myself a strong grip.

Are you a big hands? Or a medium-large glove?

A cadet medium--

Cadet medium, so short fingers?

--is the FootJoy I use. So not the biggest hands. So as far my grip--

Show us how you put left on-- you put your right first.

I'm definitely a strong-- I use a strong grip. I always have. So I've got a strong left hand, pretty strong right hand as well.

Let's see the left first. Yeah, go through your routine.

I'm going to go through my routine. So I go in with one hand. And I'll get my left hand.

How many knuckles are you're looking at there?

I can pretty much see two. I can see these two.

Well, that's not like crazy strong, right?

My thumb's probably on the right side of the club.

OK, so the thumb position is very important if we call that 12:00 o'clock. You're over here at 1:00 o'clock.

Yeah, and I can see two knuckles on my left hand when I get in there. And when I get in my right hand, I interlock. Some guys overlap. Some guys interlock. Some guys are ten fingers. I'm an interlock guy.

So I got my left hand in there. I'm seeing two knuckles, thumb on the right side of the shaft. I get in there. And you see it's fairly strong, I think.

Up the right, or up the middle on the right hand?

It ends up getting up the right. By the time I hit the ball, it'll make its way to the right just a little bit. It's just part of my deal. Everybody's so different.

You got Chad Campbell, one of the best ball strikers on tour. He's a very weak grip. His left hand's over more. His right hands over more, so he's a weak grip. Zach Johnson-- another one of the best ball strikers, strongest grip out there probably.

Jason Dufner's strong.

Yeah, so everybody's got their own way of gripping. And that's just what is great for them.

Length of fingers-- whatever, right?

Yeah, so I've got my interlock. I try to feel these two fingers touching just a little bit. That's kind of a little comfort deal for me, I believe.

So you're saying right there, those two--

These two, the index and the thumb

Thumb touch.

Just a little touch there.

I like that.

Now, some guys run a thumb down the shaft. I like to feel the right thumb over the shaft just a little bit.

See, I've done that. I felt that, but that's not something I think about.

I don't make sure I feel it, but I can I can sense it a little bit. Because there's a lot of times if I want to hit a certain shot, I'll put more pressure on these two fingers to help draw the ball. If I want to hit more of a cut, I'll put more pressure on these two fingers. So two knuckles, left thumb's down the right side of the shaft a little bit, interlock on my grip. I got these two fingers touching. Nice probably light to medium pressure and off we go.