Stacy Lewis - Grip

Stacy Lewis demonstrates how she grips her club.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Do you think a lot of players-- girl players-- are worried where they put their swings? Do you think there's a better-- I mean, for me, I've always been up. And I was never afraid of being up. A lot of boys and men try to be flatter. They swing like one of our players, like Jason Dufner. They think that looks like the prettiest.

Yeah, I mean, I think.

Up for you helped.

Yeah. And I think girls are taught to be a little bit lower, so we hit that draw so we hit it further. But not many girls hit a fade and I think I've used that to my advantage. Because I'm able to hit those shots and hit it higher. And I just-- I play differently than a lot of people. I don't see the ball going left. I see the ball going right.


I love hitting a fade. I think when a fade hits the ground, it's not going anywhere.

Not going anywhere.

You know?

So take us to where you came back from-- you had your surgery. You came back out. What did you use to work on when you were a young girl? Because there's a lot of girls going to watch this. And I remember my swing when I was a kid. What was your swing like? I mean, what did you used to do? How did you put your hands on? And were things important to you? Was your grip important?

Yeah, I mean, the grip hasn't changed much. I mean, I used to be-- I was baseball grip for a long time.

Let me see your left hand--

Until I got to-- the biggest thing with my grip is I have the longer thumb.

You never hurt your thumb ever. That doesn't bother you?

No, I just-- my hands were so small, I needed that. Pretty small.

And I'm only a medium large. That's small.


So you actually put your thumb down a little bit, did you? Just for more--

Just for more control.


And that was just kind of a natural thing. And then I just-- I could never-- I can't- I mean I can't hit a ball with the thumb up, so--

What do you see here on the two-- the thumbs? Do you see-- I mean, sorry, on the knuckles?

I see two here. My biggest thing is I don't want-- I use the v's in my hand. And I don't want the v's in there competing. So you don't want-- I don't want one hand to be way on the side or one to be way that way. I want it to be kind of be pointing up here towards my right shoulder.

So that's pretty standard.

Pretty standard there.

But in your case, you go with--

Just the thumb.

A little longer thumb for control. And you-- do you interlock?

Interlock, yes. Interlock. Changed that when I got to college. Got a little bit stronger and was able to get out of the baseball grip.

Baseball grip. Jackie Burke, who's our mentor, who's 93. He's gone back to baseball grip now, because he said it gives him his right hand.

Yeah. You can really [INAUDIBLE] better.

Yeah. You can really--

That's right. Meg Mallon showed me her-- she plays her bunker shots with a baseball grip.

Because of the right hand?

Because she's able to release it and get it through there a little bit more.

I'm going to try that--

Something you need to try.

Today. I really am. So that's-- your grip hasn't changed much other than you--

Other than that--

Either you have small fingers and you went to the-- you like, just like everyone, you like to have that v, and that v there.

Because if anything, my tendency is to kind of get that hand a little bit too far over.

Too much.

So I'm always kind of getting it-- because then what happens there is it gets back shut.

Messes up your right arm.

Yeah. So I want that arm to be able to fold up.

Great. So let's see you--

Hit a few [INAUDIBLE]

Hit a few and.