Chipping Fundamentals

Steve Elkington demonstrates some of the key fundamentals of chipping.


What is a chip? OK? What makes a chip? I'm going to put a little line there in front of my foot, and play a chip.

So a chip-- it's not breaking of the wrist, no cocking of the wrist. We don't need that power. So the smallest shot that you can play is a chip.

And I've got this ball position. And this is where people get confused. They'll see the TV, and the TV will say, the ball positions positioned under my left heel. There's no real squash on a chip. So you don't need to be one inch ahead.

So right under the armpit here. This is the radius of our circle. So the TV can be misleading or whatever, where you say, it's off the right foot, right? People say, well, he played that chip right off his right foot.

Well, it's not true, because it's an illusion, because if I cut the right leg off, it's still on my left foot. So the thing that separates people that can really chip and can't is the nailing of that ball position.

So I was just drawing a little line there from my left ankle right on it there. Now, for this shot, I've got 40 feet of green there. I'm going to put this right foot where I feel like this is going to happen. And I've got the break in mind. The right foot feels good about right there. It doesn't feel good there. It feels good about right there.

So once I know that that's where I'm going to hit this ball from, then I could start being very relaxed, very creative, knowing that there's no problem about hitting this ball first.