Jason Dufner: Short game - right elbow U vs V stance

Jason Dufner demonstrates right elbow U vs V stance.


You have some very specific shots that you like to play around the greens. Or let me say, you have a very specific idea what you're doing around the green. Tell me about this.

Yeah, I think short game is really important for us on tour, trying to get balls up and down, make birdies, save pars, sometimes save bogeys. So it's pretty important. And I think there's some right ways to do it, some wrong ways to do it. So once again, I like to stay wide. I don't want wrist, elbow cocked. I want a small, short, soft motion.

Things that take power out.

No power. I'm working on feel. Again, I want the club face open. It's a lot easier to hit short game shots with the club face open.

As opposed to the other, which would be--

We talk about toe up a lot with me and Chuck. So that's toe up. There's a look, a toe down. A lot of times what I get into problems with is my right elbow, it gets behind me. When I get behind me, toe gets down. I can't do much. I got to do something.

So we're always working on trying to keep this right elbow front of me here. It's the same thing we talked about golf swing. It's hard to do anything in golf with your right elbow behind you. So for me I like to keep that right elbow in front of me, toe up, nice good width, and then good rotation, again, trying to keep that handle and that grip tight.

So you do use your body to hit with. You don't--

I think the biggest thing I see a lot of amateurs is lack of rotation. They get with their arms. Their body doesn't move. They're hitting their arms. They're moving their arms. They're not moving their shoulder. They're using their hands and their arms. I see a lot of people get this look. Not helping. And I like to have some-- it's not a huge pivot. That's rotating maybe 20, 25 degrees. And then we're pivoting on the other side. And I like to keep the motion tight and small.

So your letter, if it was a letter, yours would be a real big Y, big U.

Big U. You see some guys that do V's. Really hard on timing, and figuring out your contact.

[? Catching it just right. ?]