Ryan Palmer - Course Strategy - Chipping

When trying to save par, your chip shot is vital. Ryan Palmer shows how to play both a high and low chip shot to leave a short putt on the green.


The one shot that was the rough, we talked about how it squared right because we had no spin on the ball. Well, fortunately, it's not in the bunker. But unfortunately, now we've got a bunker to deal with.

You've still got the one inch rough, too.

Up a downhill slope. We get a little bit of green to work with, but we know it's not going to spin. So we're going to have to really work on getting the ball to land a little soft but then roll out.

Roll out.

And give us a reasonable par putt. So now we're just trying to salvage par. We're trying to minimize the damage we've already caused. We got lucky with the tree and unlucky with the lie back there. But now we're stuck with this difficult pitch shot. Now we're going to really try to minimize the damage.

Do you do the same as your golf swing? Do you do wide and narrow? Or do you do a different deal here?

So I keep my stance pretty narrow on chip shots.

I mean the wide.

The wide. Yeah. So the thing I get in trouble with is, I end up down cocking too much on my chip shots, which is going to cause it to bouncing the ball.

Squirt it.

Squirt off and not have as much spin as I want on it.

So you have to change your technique of chipping.

So I try to keep the hands soft, hands quiet, and keep it wide through impact.

I see.

Which will give me a little more height on a shot, a little more spin and, obviously, a lot more consistency.

So it's different than your golf swing.

True. I think it is. I'm a little narrow stance, open the club a little bit because I'm on a downhill lie. I'm really going to keep the width here and not try it down cock through impact. Keep my hands soft. Real light grip pressure.


It came out a little low.

It came out low, but it turned out all right.

Coming up that downhill slope, it's going be hard to get up. I needed to get up a little higher. Obviously, we're going to put a little more weight on the left side, open the club a little more maybe take them a little bit more of a swing.


That was nice.

Get one more shot. Obviously, the green is a little soft, so not spinning. It's not releasing as much. I'm going to hit more of a pitch and release type shot on this one because I know the greens are soft and it's going to stop where it lands pretty much. So I'm going to hit more of one that's going to hit and release a little bit so it'll come out a little lower. But everything stays the same.


That was a nice one.

You can see I got a little more roll out of that shot.