Colt Knost - Strategy - The Rim Golf Club (Hole #2)

Colt Knost shares his strategy and thinking behind the shots on hole #2 at The Rim GC.

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Shot Selection Colt Knost Knowing Your Game


OK Colt. We've come out to play a few holes at the rim. One of the things that our people like to know the most about is, how does a tour player think when he's on a hole and how he goes about his business, so to speak.

We've got a obviously a pretty narrow looking hole here. Tell us about this hole.

Yeah. Pretty strong long dogleg right up the hill. Left's obviously your better miss. For me, I just try to pick a real specific target. So I see like there's a gap-- like a 10 yard gap in between two trunks of trees out there. That's kind of my starting point and kind of just work off that and let it go.


As you were saying, down the left is OK. Right.


So like-- I hit that good. I just pulled it a little bit-- and left side of the fairway.


Leaves a little longer second shot but--

What do you say to-- like it seems to me that when I'm learning a lot about your game today. You're very simple. Keep everything simple. What do you tell to people that can't believe that a tour player could be that simple thinking. Because I've been telling people for years, I play a very simple game.

Yeah. I just-- I think the less stuff you have going on in your head the better.

What if a guy says to you, but I don't know what I'm doing?

Basically for like the average guy, you just try to figure out how to avoid the big disaster, I would say, you know.

You've got to hone your craft. You've got to know-- you've got to put the work in and know what your grip's doing-- what your set is.

And really manage your game. I like to try to talk to myself very positively. It's not don't go right, it's let's favor the left here. stuff like that. You never want to put those negative don't go over here thoughts in your head.

When I hit it perfect I don't play my best.

I start worrying. I start thinking-- I start thinking what--

You expect it so much when you go out there. And then you hit one bad one and you kind of panic a little.

Wow. This is a no easy hole right here.

This is a one here. It's probably going to get to--

Do you have one of them shooters?

Yep. 211 playing 219. So that's going to be 5 wood right out of the gate.

So this is your-- almost like probably your like your favorite club right?

Yeah. So this is a strong par 4. Obviously, if I were to hit it more down the right we would have had a little shorter club in. But this one, the pin looks like it's pretty much in the middle of the green.

We've just had a little storm and there's been some wind there, and that wind's still there sucking out of that storm.

So this is playing pretty long. It's going to have to be hit very solid. But for me, this pin's on the-- it's in the middle. But I know there's a shelf left of it so I want to keep it a little right.

I see you've got the ball a little below, you just slightly adjust?

Yeah. So for me, with my draw and this little bit of a lie, that kind of cancels things out so it should be a pretty straight ball flight.


Now, you've hit the 5 wood. You've hit that dead straight at the hole.

Yeah. That might have been a little long. I hit that one pretty solid. It was pretty good.

You just hit a 5 wood right up by the hole.

What are you doing?

They're supposed to go straight. Right?

Yeah. I guess so. There's a certain beauty about guys that hit good long-- long irons-- not long irons-- fairway woods and stiff. I used to love to get paired with Hale Irwin because every time-- or Tom Kite-- every time they'd get 215 220, here comes a 4 wood, and they literally like throw it up there and on the green. And it was like man.

It seems to me like maybe you have a superior attitude than a lot of people that play these longer harder holes with these long shots. Right? A lot of people get a lot of stress or whatever.

Yeah. You know and it used to bother me like I said. But you know, I've kind of started to turn it the other way where when I do play with the longer guys I'm like man, if I can hit this hybrid or five wood inside of their 7 8 iron it could drive them a little crazy, which is kind of fun for me.

Looks like it pitched right here.

Oh ya. So flew pretty far. Hammered that on pretty good. But obviously, we'll take this on the green. Not the easiest putt in the world though.

That's got some major swing doesn't it?

Yeah. This is like what we were talking about on the putting green earlier, just really focusing on your speed.

That OK?

Obviously be very happy with that. Thought I made it.