Pat Perez - Strategy - Rim Golf Club (Hole #11)

Pat Perez shares his strategy for playing the 455 yard, par 4 10th hole at The Rim Golf Club.

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We're going to play a little quick 9 holes. You're going to teach me how you think. This is quite scary for me. I'm feeling a little wobbly. What are we looking at? The rim.

The rim. Back 9 of the rim. This is number 10. It's a hole I live on.

So awesome, huh?

Pretty good view here. Second shot's uphill. Pretty generous fairway I'd say off the tee here. I'm just going at the-- I want to split the farthest right tree.

You can carry that water no problem?

Yeah, it's-- for a left pin you don't want to be too far left, but you can still get over it. I'm just going at that right tree. That's my target.

Bingo. Bingo.

All right.

[? Planted ?] 10 of.

It's 10 of 132.

That's gotta go the other way.

Be all right.

Pretty good.

That shot always seems to play a lot longer. You can see how a lot of members don't get there in 2, because it's really uphill. They're hitting 3 wood in there, so-- I'm thinking it's a little outside the left there. Not too much.

Good stroke.

Played too much break.

I mean, we talked about it today. Right? If you've got your putter face, you know, square at impact. You got your-- Jackie Burke says you've got you're-- you're hitting it in the center of the clubface. And then the club's coming back on the inside. Can't do any better, can you?

No. I just played it too far left. But it was solid. I don't mind hitting solid putts that go past the hole that were on the high side the whole time.