Ryan Palmer: Course Strategy - Dogleg Left Tee Shot

Being a long hitter, Ryan Palmer explains how he would play a tricky dogleg left tee shot.

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You're long enough to be able to actually sort of take out the strategy a little bit.


I mean, most people have to play like I play this. I play with the driver, but I can't carry it as far as you. So I put a draw on a three wood.

Lot of guys would hit up the right side and they're going to end up hitting five, six iron into this green. For me I've played it long enough, I take driver, try to hit a hard nice draw I'm going over the middle of the second bunker. If it gets to the left, fine. Even if it gets left in the third bunker, I know I'm going to be clear. I may have a shot of the ruff, but I've got nine iron easy. And I'm hitting anywhere from gap wedge to eight iron on this hole, when I when I pull it off. And now, there's a tree that was that was taken out by lightning or something, so I go through the fairway, I'm still clear. So I going to aim just kind of inside that--

Second bunker.

Second bunker.


That's kind of targeting and then--


Ouch. That should be good. It may go through a little, but I'll have a clear shot to the green from there.