Strategy: Champions GC (Cypress Creek) Hole 10

Jason Kokrak shares his thoughts as he plays hole #10 at Champions GC (Cypress Creek), 453 yard, dogleg par 4.

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Jason Kokrak


We are on the 10th tee at the Cypress course at my home course, Champions Golf Club. I'm going to caddy for Jason Kokrak.

If you want to call it that.

I'm going to go around, and I'm going to tell him the yardages and where to go. And we're going to get an insight of how he thinks.

Are you going to actually use that?

I've got it for a prop. It's a prop.

It's a prop.

I don't need it because I know the course so well. So I'm going to give him information whether he wants it or not. And you're going to do the caddy thing.

Yeah, I'll tell you what I'm thinking, go through pre-shot routine-- all that stuff-- the way I would go on a normal round.

So we're on the 10th tee. It's a very long four. There's a bunker out there on the right, about 290. There's a lone little bright colored crepe myrtle-- that's the line. It's a dogleg left. You can't play the hole if you go down the left at all. It's a dogleg. You get hung up over there.

OK, so no further left than maybe that green box out there.

No, that's correct. You could take it off this bunker and turn it all day long. You cannot run out of fairway.



Yes, sir. Can you go stand over there?

Oh, OK. Sorry. See? It's true of players-- finicky.

Yeah, we're real finicky.

Perfect. Nice. Nice shot, pro.

Thank you.

I've got you covered.

Thanks Lou-- Rums.

You like your grips wiped three times or four?

Twice-- even numbers.

See? Like I said, you can't go through the fairway. It's in the rough.

290 to this thing-- you're right in the rough. That's OK. You can't get through the fairway.

It's impossible. You can't go through the fairway.

No, I can't do it.

It's OK. It looks like you're aligned nice.

Yes, it's aligned OK, just got to watch the flyer-- a little dew on the ground. So it shouldn't fly. CRS?

This is my first time to use one of these, by the way.

You never used one?

I'm not joking. It says 183 to the hole.

183 hole.

It's probably only 150 to the front, though-- big greens here at Champions. What kind of lie you got?

It's sitting up nice. You got to see this lie. Sometimes it's sitting down. You see a little dew on the ground. It shouldn't jump with that dew getting in the grooves.

What do you got?

I got an 8 iron back pin. It doesn't look like you want to mess with the over.

The best place to be is--

Coming right down on those trees.

Try to get it pin high because it's the hardest part's going up over to it. If you had a putt to make it, it'd have to be up almost to pin high.

Almost to pin high.

Pin high.

Pin high. Well, winds mostly off the left, probably hurting just to touch from this angle.

Coming out of South, Southeast.

Yeah, I'm looking over here. It looks like it's going off the other way.

Wind should be right here.

Just should be a good one. A little bounce up there-- how are the greens? Fairly firm or pretty soft?

Well, remember, they top dressed yesterday, and they brushed them clean. So I think they're just medium paced. I don't think it's anything.

No firmness to them-- going to hit pretty much where it is?

Yeah, if you could get the ball up around pin high. But it's no drama if you're a little short. You can still make four. The only way you're going to make three is if you get up there pin high.

I'll do my best. I got a club that if I hit it perfect, it should be perfectly pin high.

You playing 83 knowing that you could hit it hard and it might put you--

I know I can hit this club about as hard as I want to, even with the little draw into the wind and it's not going to get over the green. It might land pin high. Hopefully, we're no flier out of this lie. But we shouldn't. But at worst case scenario, we're going to have 25 feet looking right at it.

Looks pretty good.

Wind's got it a little bit.

Yeah, that's good. Good shot.

That's OK. It didn't come off quite as hot as I thought.

A lot of people don't realize that we're sometimes really happy with 30 feet.

Yeah, sometimes--

30 feet's a good shot.

Yeah, if you miss this green left, it looks like it runs right into the the creek there.

It does. When I got to meet Ben Hogan with Jackie Burke, he took me up there once. And I had just lost a tournament out in San Diego. I was a rookie, and I skipped a couple of balls over the green and got myself in trouble. You know how you get over the greens in San Diego? You can't chip back within 10 feet.

No, a lot of those West coast golf courses-- the greens are so undulated you can't really chip to them if you miss them in the wrong spot.

Hogan told me three things. He said, I used to take a full practice swing. Like a football.

Kill 'em Riley style.

Yeah. He said, don't do that. He said, you've going to wear yourself out by the time you get done. He was serious. Second thing he said, sometimes I want you to hit 30 feet and let the putter be the star. And then the third thing he said, you've got a good swing. He said, you've got the best swing out there, just trust your swing. And that was the three things he said to me, and then he turned his attention back to talking to Mr. Burke.

Yeah, that added up better than I thought. It looked a lot shorter than it ended up. I hit it good. It just didn't quite jump out of that lie like I thought.

Yeah, that's a good shot. Four on this hole is a really good score any day. Yeah, you've hit it 30 feet. It's breaking pretty good right to left, but you see it.

OK, I got just a little bit more than a foot total.

When you're in Texas-- you know this-- when you put on the Bermuda greens, you've got to be really aware of where the grain is.

Yeah. Well, when the greens get real fast, you got to know where the grain is. Because into the grain is going to be really slow. And down grain's going to be really fast.

Slope is stronger than grain, so you got to have a bit of knowledge to play Bermuda greens.

Florida too-- but there's not as much slope.

Like a wasp hit your ball. It should be straight into the grain.

I personally would probably hit this a little harder than Mr. Burke would.

It would be just right of center.

Beauty. We're getting you ready for Baltusrol.



I think the greens might be a touch faster at Baltusrol.

They will be. They will be, but you won't have more pressure.

No, not at all.