Bradley Hughes - Backswing Load

Bradley Hughes breaks down step by step on how to truly load in the backswing.


I have a little variation. We haven't always seen the Faldo-Leadbetter type drill. So I have the variation in that I don't just turn to the top like they talk about. I like to feel that part. And then I like to turn a little bit. So now I've got that--

Oh I see, so what you're saying is. This is the position you love.


And you want to sort of keep it all the way up in there.

All right. So I want to get some tilt in my body. So now see where the club goes? It goes behind you. Now you can get around and behind.

It feels so good.

You basically load it up. But it's not an uncomfortable position, because it's got a lot of range in all the areas. And the range is what's going to create the hit. So I've a lot of forearm range. I have a fair bit of body range.

You have to have a forearm range because you're starting from a little bit more neutral.


Then you put that in.

Yeah. And I've got to some wrist range. Because if I just let that go--

There's a fair bit of [INAUDIBLE]. There's a fair bit of whip in there.

So I never have to try and force.

You don't add anything to it.


You're building a system here that's using your body and the positions to be able to create the whip.

Correct. Yeah. And that's why I love that phrase that I said earlier about acceleration. I'm not trying to create my speed coming down. And that's why I use the [INAUDIBLE].

Before you show us that wonderful loading move you've got. I just want to-- this is for my own self.

Go ahead.

So once I've got it, this is what I want on the downswing, I'd rather use this grip action. That throws it out. And if I want to take this to the backswing, and I take a little bit of that.


Instead of just going up, I just take a little of that. Now I'm behind the ball and I feel super because this is already set.

Correct. Do you feel it in your right leg when you do that? You load it over your right side?

This is the downswing you want. I'm ordered. Absolutely.

So now, like throwing a ball, I'm over here. So I can then go that way.

You've giving me a lot of freedom. I feel really like I'm really ready to go.

Yeah. So we'll go back and talk about the first bit. So that's all my forearms. This is my body. So I got some closure in my turn.

When you say closure you're sort of saying, you're bent this way. You're just turning that way.

Correct And my shoulders feel like I'm hitting over that way. We know that's just going to unwind and the come back.

Because you've got that angle, and that's coming out.

And you'll also find I had I add little bit of a wrist.

You want to put a bit of that.

I want to feel the cup in there. I don't want to be bowed. Bowed would be someone that rotates their body. For me, cupped feels better because then I can release that club.

You've got a bit more to even unleash on it.

Correct. Now the reason that I like to feel the club in here also, if I get used to hitting from here. You can see that opens up all this slot behind me for later on also. So that's one of the big reasons I start--

There's not a player in the world that doesn't want to look like you look right now. And you're saying you're giving it to him by just putting it there in the first part. Can't wait to see what's coming up.

It's so easy. No thought, I get to the end.