Wide Narrow Wide

Bradley Hughes demonstrates how to take the club wide in the backswing, narrow in the downswing, and wide in the follow through.


So mate, we're having a good time here. So we know how to get from there to there, and then we sort of know how to get from there to there. How do we get from there up to there?

OK. A lot of individuality. What do I feel? For me, I feel width. I can load that thing down and let it take care of itself. So people know when they fish and stuff that this thing-- We know this, but you go wide and then you go narrow. Which you can see right now that we're creating some energy with our self to make this thing do what we want. Make this spring.

Hold the shaft so it's going to kick later.

So it springs. Most people don't. Mr Burke's very big on, he says you've got to be able to spring the shaft. Spring it.

And I love that feel. For me, I know I picked up on that early. Why? I don't know. That was just my instinct. Well you, by the way, you're the same birthday as Greg Norman, right? Copying him.

Copying him. Greg Norman was one of our heroes growing up. And who was wider than Greg? Maybe Nicklaus? That's about it.

And who did he call? Nicklaus.

Norman, Nicklaus. [INAUDIBLE].

And you're from you're from Melbourne and you won the Australian Masters what, twice?

Twice. Still got the tournament record there. That was fun.

And that's the narrowest course on Earth. The old Huntingdale Course.

It was.

And so anyway, I'm keen to see that. You think it's OK to go wide?

I think--

A lot of people are scared of that.

I know they are scared of it. But that's because like they create an angle or a down cock, when you think of Sergio, that they can't handle. Sergio can. So that he's pretty similar, isn't he?

Yeah he is.

But most people they go narrow, wide and then--

No power.

Narrow again. So they're creating-- that's the velocity swing. They're creating velocity, putting it on the ball. I'm creating the free ride down still. I'm going from here to there without doing anything.

So let me just-- So I've got my new strong position, the face is there. And my wrist is cupped. And I want to deliver there. You're saying I can go up and it just drops it into that slot.


Everyone wants to slot. And I've never really had anyone tell me how to do the slot like you have. But you could go there, and go there.

Yeah. I'm in the slot.

And deliver it the same way.