Low And High Bunker Shot

Bradley Hughes demonstrates how to hit a low and high bunker shot.


When I first get in, I'm visualizing how I want the sand. Because we know the sand is moving that ball. The club's not moving the ball. High shot, high sand. See the sand. Low or longer shot, where I got more green or a lower lip. Throw the sand that way. So if you think of that--

That will get your set up.

A lower shot. And my swing will become more like a letter u.

I see.

When I'm here, my swing become more like a letter v. And I've set up to it, so I don't have to try and do it.

I see. When you're on the narrower shot, do you steal lean in on the left leg?

I will a little bit, sure. Yeah. You can see I'm more-- but you'll see it's actually the narrower the stance, the more you'll tend to be forward anyway. The wider the stance, they more you get back here. That's why you need to lean in to my knee.

Show me the low sand throw, you're pitching in the low sand there.

Yeah. We'll play it a little bit. Maybe like a 30 yard bunker shot. I'll open the face a little, because I still want to use the bounce. I want to dig. You'll see the swing will be a lot wider. And I'll throw it about 30 yards.

That's great. Now show me that one where-- It's a lot of set up wide there.

So I got wider. I get lower.

It's almost the length of the club. They're going to to get in the bunker, and they're going to freak out. But you can see from the camera view, that he looks very much ready to hit this shot.

Again, I feel really natural like I'm hitting the shot. I'm in position. I know I'm in position that I can't mess this shot up.

That's right. Let me let me try that. That's where I'd be. I'm like wider than you. Look. I'm a whole club length. Because I'm a bit bigger, taller.

Then you get into your left knee, you know that. There you go. Getting that club to work under the ball and you can see the sand.

I feel stable.

Right. There's your up and higher soft shot. And the spin pretty much just happens. You're not trying to spin the ball

Spin comes from, the closer you hit to it, it will get more spin. But the average guy, we want to make sure out and up.

And you'll notice by being into that left knee, you can hit closer to the ball, because the club is going under it anyway.

Beyond there, anyway.

See. I teach you anything. You've got it.

Not today. Good segment. Thanks, mate.