Basics Of Chipping & Pitching

Bradley Hughes demonstrates the basics of chipping and pitching, and when to execute it.


BRADLEY HUGHES: So what I would do, what I'd first estimate, is how much grass I have in front of me, and how much green I have to work with. So it's quite obvious that to be able to get that ball near that left flag there, I don't want to have to make a big swing and try and lob it that far.

There is a lot more margin for error there. So what I would do is, I'd look at a lower trajectory because that means it's a shorter swing. And I don't have to make as big of swing. I just change my club. So what I would do is use a lower lofted club and visualize myself just throwing the ball there and letting it roll up and in.

So to play successful short game shots, it's very rhythmical action. It's not fast or hard. We're not trying to hit the ball hard. We're trying to hit it a specific distance.

So I have a 25 yard shot here. I'm going to use my 20 yard swing with my 53 degree wedge, hit the ball 20 yards, the proper motion spin, or just let it release out the final five.

So I'll just take my regular balance set up, my grip. My 20 yard swing is going to feel like my hands go to about 8 o'clock, 8:15. And I'm just going to turn through.

So that time I carried it the perfect distance with the right amount of spin to get it close to the hole. These shots are all about distance. The accuracy will come.