Bradley Hughes - Ball Position For Chipping & Pitching

Bradley Hughes explains the ball position for chipping and pitching.


So as in the full swing, I'm going to play this ball in the same position to my left foot. My swing on every shot, that's where my club hits the ground, ball and ground. So people say in a chip or pitch, move the ball back. However, they do it like this.

It's not the right way. You need to keep that ball in the same position. And again, the width of your right foot is going to dictate where the ball position is.

There's a full wedge. There's a pitch. And there's a chip. But the ball has not changed in relation to my left foot. It's just the width of the stance, which changes the appearance and changes where the sternum is in relation to the ball.

So I get a different hit from the same ball position on every one. So keeping things constant right throughout the bag on every shot and every club is going to help our game improve and be more consistent.