Bradley Hughes - 45 Degree Angle In The Downswing.

Bradley Hughes demonstrates the importance of coming into impact with the clubshaft 45 degrees in. If the clubshaft is too square, it doesn't allow for a full rotation of the arms and body through impact.


So you've got yourself a 45 degree angle.

Got a 45 degree angle. And we know all the good players come in on this game from that 45 degree angle.

From this trajectory.

Yeah, and you can see it in pictures. So what we're saying is truth. It's just a really strange visual because the ball's on the ground. You wouldn't think you could hit the ball from that, but all the good players knew that. So the biggest problem with most people is that they can't envision this 45 degree. So they all want to come--

Up on top of it.

--and hit down on the ball. As you do that, my left arm and shaft align up here. So now I have to-- I've gotta try and keep that lined up. And you know how much of a power loss that is. And it's a real, you know-- if I come that way I, like I said, and my hands win the race, the ball goes over there. If the club head wins the race, it goes over here. So this 45 degree path is real key because as my arms unwind, it squares it up for me. And there's my connection.

I have to ask you because-- how do you know your arms' gonna unwind? Because they want to? Because you wound them? Wound them or--

Because they had wound up, and my left arm and my shaft, that's why I have a ball position. I just find where my left arm and shaft line up, and that's where I put the ball. So if I've got the ball too far forward, then I'll never get to it. So that's just, again, a little bit of technique of work going out the start--

Where they fall.

To start out, you would do this really short, like that. And just watch where your club hits the ball. And then you'd learn where that is in relation to your left foot. And then you get the hang of hitting some short ones.

Let me see if I come in at 45 [INAUDIBLE].

Then you go to bigger ones.

So I'd go up here, and I'd go like that.

Yep. And you know, you're just letting the club hit the ball for you. You're not trying to hit it.


Just see that 45 degree angle there. Piece of cake. So we start to square up, but the illusion of it is that it won't. So when you have that illusion that that won't square up, everyone's trying to do a little bit extra to make that ball straight. And it actually makes it go crooked instead.