Bradley Hughes - Getting To The Left Side (Part 2)

Bradley Hughes explains the importance of understanding that getting to the left side in the downswing is a result of correct downswing movements, not a goal one should have in the swing (Part 2).

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Bradley Hughes Downswing Weight Transfer Hip Action


I think a lot of golfers, me included, we would like to hit it hard. And I reckon a large people that are listening to this would like to hit it hard as well. And they don't really care how straight it goes, but they'll come together those two. But everybody wants to make a good move at it to hit it hard.

And the problem with that is where are they doing it.

Well, that's what we've got to talk about.

They're doing it in transition.

So I think, in any aspect sport, anything, if you're playing football-soccer, you're behind-- my mass is behind the ball. I'm never kicking a soccer ball from over here. Like you said with a pitcher, he's never over here and trying to throw the ball from out in front of him. Everything's behind and then it all shifts forward.

So the big key to golf, even though we hear you want to get onto your lead leg, it's not the goal. It's not the intent to do it. So we'll do a number of ways to try and show this. But my first one would be, and this really started with you and Mike with Secret in the Golf. He was talking about the right foot in the video.

Pushing you out.

That's where it started. He's corkscrewing that foot into the ground.


So the right foot is really important. So if I make my perfect, nice back swing that we've talked about. And I get my shoulder somewhere behind the ball. And I'm loaded into my right hip. And I'm behind the ball. I can't jump forward because as soon as I do that.

That's going with it.

That's going with it.

They're connected.

And if I do-- yeah the really poor player does that. The player that is still OK but does it, he goes, next minute he's dropping his arms behind because he knows he doesn't want to come that way. So it's a double edged sword.

But what we really want to do is, if I get up to the top here, and I push feel that momentum or push of extra pressure straight through my right foot and ankle, my left hip is going to bump me forward because I don't want to fall backwards on the ground. So this is how your body works naturally. Everyone talks about balance and remaining balance. And you almost have to go off balance to make your body stay where it wants to go.

So I'm a big believer. And if I push down my right leg, this is going to bump me forward. And the beauty of that is I'm starting to get my lower half going forward. But I'm not getting my top half to go forward at the same time. So if I push-- and even that, thats my Sam Snead squat thing. You know he wasn't just doing that. He wasn't doing a chicken dance.

He was pushing down.

Pushing down his right leg and his left leg balanced him. So now, as I do that, I have the separation of that going forward, this staying back, and now I've got all this area in here where I'm not cramped or I've got to try and move the club somewhere different. I've got all that space in my slot. So I think that's the first-- I think that's the biggest obstacle that people have to get through is, you go left by actually going down the right.