Bradley Hughes - Getting To The Left Side (Part 3)

Bradley Hughes explains the importance of understanding that getting to the left side in the downswing is a result of correct downswing movements, not a goal one should have in the swing (Part 3).

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I take care of that right foot action at address. So I'm setting up to my target.

What do you mean by, you take care of it at address?

Well, I'm going to build that pressure in.

Oh, you're going to put a little in there to start with.

I'm going to build that in so when I have that there--

You know it's already there, and you can increase it easier?

Right, I increase it automatically because when my body feels some pressure, it doesn't want to give it up.

Push off it, yeah.

So when I set that, if I don't have any pressure in my feet or anything--

You're talking about just standing on a sheet of ice. You got nothing, but you're going to build a little in.

Well, I'm actually not just going to go right foot. I'm going down. I'm pushing into the ground a little bit harder.

Both feet?

Both feet. And it will feel more right foot because, again, I'm behind the ball.

You're behind the ball.

So I don't want to get too squatty in this leg. But I want to feel it. So I get really comfortable at address, and I always feel 50-50 in my feet, like I said. Where my stance width is is going to dictate where I really feel. Chipping, I feel ahead. Driver, I feel behind. But I'm not trying to go 70-30 or 80-20. That's just my body position makes me feel different. But I'm really working on 50-50.

And once I've used my waggle and view of the target and getting comfy and I feel good--

Or when all systems say go.

When I feel all that stuff's in place, you will watch me. I'll push, and I'll go.

You pushed before you even started.

I push before I take the club away. That's sort of your--

That's my trigger.

Your trigger. Like mine, I might kick my knee again.

Right. Gary Player. [? Nicklaus ?] flicked his head around to turn his head.

Turn his head.

My trigger is to get my feet to push down. Now, I'm not flexing my knees. I'm just feeling a lot of force.

I can see it. I can see that.

So when I do that, I feel a lot of push down. And then I'm not going to give that up because my body feels it, so it wants to add to it. And it's really hard to build pressure from nothing. If I have nothing and then I try and build it in, it's a mess. So from on all those trial-error things, I like to try and preset as much of the stuff as I can with a feel.

So you're here. And just before you take that nice wide-- you're going a bit over there.

I'm pushing down, straight through my ankle.

I feel it.


And I'm not going to give it up either.

Exactly, it's [INAUDIBLE].

I can push more.

You want to give it up.