Bradley Hughes - Sequence The Shoulders & Hips

Bradley Hughes and Steve Elkington discuss how to sequence the shoulders and hips in the downswing. They explain that "turning the jets" from the top is not the optimal way. It needs to be sequenced naturally without force.


So here's what we're up against, right, on the backswing. We get to the top of the swing. Everything's looking good. We're 90 degrees turned here. Let's say, whatever, 45 here and maybe 20 here. What we're up against is, if we put the jets on from here, there's no way a 90, a 45, and a 20 can all line up correct.

No way.

So that's why it's so important to get this transition, that you're getting ready to explain in depth, that you just explained to me-- indeed, what is true-- is this shoulder will start to unwind to where they become sort of the same wound as everything else. Then, you can do it.

Good. Yeah. You got to let-- and that really ties in my train of thinking. That ties in with momentum. I'm not forcing anything on. I'm letting everything catch up and do as it should do.

So is the-- when you're at 90, and we've got to sort of-- we've got to lose about 40 degrees of shoulder turn--

And we will, as we start to go forward. We'll lose some of that because just that bumping will shift us around a little bit.

And that-- does that address that?

I think it does. I think it's enough, because if I don't put any pressure down this right leg and jam, you can say I'm-- it's all lined up, like you said. But if I just push down my right leg, you can see that's jumped forward, this is starting to try and open, but I've still got my shoulders, like you said, maybe 20, 30 degrees right of the target.

And that's the real key because if my body is still closed off, one, I've still got this slot opening for my club and arms to be in, but, two, as my body wants to unwind, it's got somewhere to go to, because I've got that little bit of closure. If my body's already square--

You can only unwind it once.

I can't move it again. So that's where we get a lot of people getting very handsy, or the more my shoulders go that way, the more the club's coming across, so it's going to come underneath.