Covering The Ball

Bradley Hughes explains what it really means to "cover the ball" in the downswing.


BRADLEY HUGHES: Covering the ball-- let's talk about how that really happens in the golf swing. So the golf swing is a real series of pressures of motion in our body that allow the club to move consistently well.

So what I want to do is, I do not want to actually cover the ball initially. I need to work into covering the motion. Covering the ball would be feeling the whole body work on top of the ball and through.

So we can't be on top of the ball to begin with, because then our hands and arms get active because our body stops. So the covering of the ball is from our proper entry path where we have closure.

And then as everything turns, we end up covering the ball into the strike. That's a much easier way to do it because we're not stopping one part of the body for something else to take over.