Half Way Drill

Bradley Hughes demonstrates the half way drill.


Show me that drill that everyone would be likely to try with that drill. They'd put the club there.

So as you can see, I've got my right arm in because that's keeping my shoulder back. So I'm always hitting from the inside.

Always from the inside.

And I've got my weight grip means I'm going to turn my arms a bit more. You may turn your body a bit more with your stronger grip.

Yup. That's fine.

So we'd learn all that. If I can hit the ball from here-- I'll go back a little for a bit of momentum. And I'll go ahead and hit. You can see, I got to the end with no effort. It just unwound and got me there.

And that's a position feel because that thing is going to throw out.

Absolutely. The left arm and that club, they want to line up. So if I can get somewhere-- and this is the key. Hands out in front of you.

Hands out in front.

Yeah. So you feel your hands are out in front of you so your body can release with the hands in motion. They're both going together. If you get caught behind you, it tends to pull your body forward. And from there, you've sort of only got your hands and arms to work with.

But that's not even in the game for what you're talking about.

No because I know how to hit from a certain area that works for me. And like I said, the ball's going to tell you everything.

So if I was just there like that and I could just take it up a bit further and just do that no problem.

And what did you think of?



I got through to the finish. But I can feel the arc really good there. I mean, I feel that arc.

Unreal. And I think what it also tends to do is it makes your body feel a little bit more closed off so it keeps turning. And I think that's an extra power source because the more my left shoulder gets away from the ball, the more heat I'm actually putting on the ball.

That's awesome.