Bradley Hughes - Board Drill

Bradley Hughes explains the "Board Drill". This drill teaches the player to pinch the legs in, which forces the pressure to go down into the ground in the swing.

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All right, [? Al. ?] You're going to be the student this time. This is one of my big drills that I use. Especially all the pros that I teach love this one.

And we're going to use a board. This is 18 inches wide, 12 inches deep. I'm going to just put our feet around it.

So I'm going to squeeze it with the lower part of my feet. I'm not going to pinch my knees in, because then, I'll get stuck. It really helps you with balance. You can't slide, you can't fall back, and your upper body's really going to stay centered in the right spot.

You've got the ball off the ground a bit.

And you're putting the pressure down that way, so you can't shift around as much. So I'm going to get you to feel that. And I'm also going to get you to make a few little 1/2 or 3/4 swings. And I want you to feel, as you do it, how you really start to use the ground better, because pinching makes you go down.


And as we do that, we're building a much better resistance in the ground that we can then pull our pivot off to the finish. So I want to get your feedback from and see how you go. So remember, we're not really pinching the knees in. We're just feeling--

Do you want it off the ground a little bit?

No, not necessarily. Now, on the ground's good. There you go. Just with the soles of your shoes.


And you'll feel how you really stay in the right spot. So hit a couple, maybe 1/2, 3/4 backswing. And I want him to feel, when you get out here, that you actually really pull this left side. And it'll work, because you've got ground resistance.

All right. Do it again. So as you do it, instead of just quitting here, I want you to really feel that left side. Pull your arms up to the end for me.

I'm going to get-- will this come over with the green?

It doesn't matter if it jumps out a little bit.


It actually should.

Yeah, I mean, I got got quiet feet anyway. But all I can really feel this on the backswing. On this right foot here, this keeps it real stable.

Keep you in the right spot, yeah?


Then you feel your upper body doesn't shift around a lot.

[INAUDIBLE] Helps putt. You might even cut it at a slight angle.

Yeah, you could. I've actually had some people who like to turn this foot out, cut the back corner off.


Really feel that pivot go pull after you've hit it. Good. And where did that want to take you after you hit it? Forward, because you stayed more in tune than being behind the ball.

So a lot of we talked about early, feel versus real, how do you tell someone what it should feel like? Well, this is a really good drill to get them to feel what it should feel like for them. Instead of me trying to tell them, they get the understanding of it.

This thing keeps you stable.

All right. And it should spit out, because what'll happen is, as I'm pushing down harder, there's a force that I can pull my pivot off. So sometimes, this foot-- remember Norman's foot?

Oh, yeah. Oh, I see.

That's because his pivot pulled hard against his left leg. Let me try hitting one for you. And you watch how hard I feel like I go after I've hit the ball there.

So give it a squeeze, 1/2 or 3/4 backswing. Because if I go full, I might tip over. And I'm really feeling my left side pull, once the club gets out in front of me. So I'm really trying to accelerate my arms to the finish by pulling with this left side.

It's keeping you just--

It's keeping me just in the right spot.

Like package.

Can't spin out. Can't fall under it. Can't go too far ahead of it.

Fantastic for pitch shots, too, if you flip around the other way and have it narrower. Especially-- very good. Especially pitch shots where you're not trying to move much weight around. You want to try one.

Yeah. Give me a wedge [INAUDIBLE].

So this is really stabilizing that you can't-- now, most people, when they hit bad pitch shots, they're moving around too much. So you want to set more with our center on top of the ball. So this is helping you do that, and you're not shifting around. You're just staying right there and just doing it [? the barrel. ?]

When I squeeze my-- I feel like I'm squeezing my ankles together moving forward.

Good. Yeah.

Feels real stable. Real stable.


I'm feeling that.

Out of all the pros and that, and all the good players that I teach, that's, like, their favorite thing that I show them. They really get a good awareness of what it feels like.

Not expensive, either.

No. It's, like, $1.99.