Bradley Hughes - Go Slower & Smaller To Fix Your Swing

Bradley Hughes explains that in order to truly fix your swing, the best way to do so is to go smaller and slower with your movements in the swing. The movements will increase in speed and length with improvement.

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Practice Improving Bradley Hughes


So I think with anything, when you're learning a new pattern, you've got to do it reasonably slow. You know, because as you swing, force is going to pull you back into some of your old habits. So if I'm getting the club coming across that, or I'm getting it down to low and I'm coming underneath, the best way to do it is to really just have little, short swings, feet closer together, and just really--


--get a good awareness, so you can see it. We don't want to blur this club to be going so fast that you can't see what you're doing here. So a nice, slow swing-- feel, again, that the club is always just coming from the inside. It's going to catch up on the target line to where we're going. And we just want to get used to letting the ball get struck on this little, slightly curved swing rather than a pull down or pull across, or a drop underneath.

Start it off slow Once you hit 10 in a row, start to make the swing a little bit bigger, see how you go with that and you build your confidence, and you start making full swings, hitting the ball better as time goes by.