Bradley Hughes - Swing Finish (Part 1)

Bradley Hughes explains that most high handicappers will focus too much energy coming into impact. To improve the ball striking, he teaches to focus more on post impact (Part 1).

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Bradley Hughes Downswing Finish


So back to this drill here. So I'm up here, you say, bang. I'm down here, and I got that-- you don't mind this cup.

I like a cup, because cup as your arm unwinds, it creates speed.


Yeah, it squares up. But you've got to let it square up. You can't force it, obviously. And that's what I was going to get to with what happens beyond the ball, when you said, how do I get up to that finish. Well, I believe, to hit that ball straight, far, solid, that ball is not on the club for very long, as we know. We're hitting, and that ball is on, and it's gone.

So we have real control over that club on the face. It may feel sometimes when we're really in the zone. So what's the biggest problem that bad players have is they over-accelerate the club back here. So what happens is all the energy is here, and nothing after the ball. And you know to get to a full finish, you have some energy, or still, you've got some stored that you're going to use over here.

So if all my energy's back here, and there's not as much beyond the ball-- that was a pretty good shot. But you could see I--

It's not your max.

It's not my max. So to get that ball to go straight, I'm not putting energy here. I'm feeling my energy, again, is beyond the ball. I'm letting that happen for me. And even though it feels like I'm going faster here, or I'm picking up speed, or whatever you want to call that-- accelerating after here, just by having that focus is really probably only making that and that match up. And that's what we want.

So that ball, if you get this side and that side to, let's say, go 90 miles an hour, the ball's going to spit out. If this is 100 and that's 60, a lot more mishap can happen. So that's my focal point, is beyond the ball, not at the ball.