Bradley Hughes - Swing Finish (Part 2)

Bradley Hughes explains that most high handicappers will focus too much energy coming into impact. To improve the ball striking, he teaches to focus more on post impact (Part 2).

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Acceleration Bradley Hughes Finish


My biggest swing key, when I was playing, I'd get on a hole that was so difficult, there's a lot at stake here, all I would do is I would just get to my finish and just pretend in my own mind that I've hit enough of these to be able to hit this one more time to this spot.

Yeah, and you felt that spot a million times, and now it works. And I'll tend to do the same with my shot trajectories. If I want to fade one, I'll have a practice swing where I feel my finish more that way.

Yep, or the shaft up here.

Yeah. And if I draw, I feel my shaft more around here, because my right shoulder's working.

Yeah, I'm the same as you. I put my draw down my back.

There you go. And what happens if you--

And put my fade above my head.

A low shot. People hit punch shots all the time. Even a poor golfer can hit a punch shot. And what do they do?

Stop right here.

They keep their hands low. And if you want to hit a higher one, you just get your hands high. So without changing setup, ball position, or anything, if I just feel my hands stay low on the way through, there's a lower.

Be like a knockdown.

Yeah, if I want to hit it high, I don't even vary my ball position. I just feel my hands go high to the finish. And there's a higher shot. And I think the big thing with that is if you have something in your swing to come, like you'd said, 72nd hole of the PGA, where you're focusing on that, you've got your vision away from here. If you're focusing on something--

I don't want to hit it.

--that you'd let all your good stuff happen rather than try to get forced--

I'm just going to get up to there.

And that's exactly what the bad golfer doesn't do. They have no focus here. All their focus is there. So I think if there is one tip-- and I like calling them tips, but one thought that can make people get better immediately--

One, let's go with a cornerstone. That's going to be it.

That's a good one. Finish, think of what you want to do at the finish, because--

What's it going to look like?

If you have something in mind here--

Yeah, what's it going to be like?

--this prepares for that, and it's going to be better off what's happening here, because the instinct is not at the ball. It's what you're doing at the end.