Full Swing - Review

Bradley Hughes reviews key points to focus on in the full swing.


Major thing. At address, we have to set up arms hanging, so they're naturally just hanging there. My arms, my forearms, and my arms, are based on my width up here. And all types of things. So I just put the club in there. That's my grip. Now, the other thing is, I don't want to stretch. I don't want to be too close. I got to be right with arms hanging.


Where they want to hang. And we did a little thing here that for most people--

One palm.

One palm is going to be here.

Now talked about your delivery.

Delivery, I want to get the club in a position that it is aligned through my body. So my whole body can work at the same time.

It feels like it's like a slingshot almost.

If you watch from behind there, you'll see that shaft is quite right across the spine there. So from there, you can unwind everything. And go.

And I feel it. I just-- because of this grip, on your action there, on what you're doing, I can just totally close that. Close that door, so to speak.

It's shutting the door.

If you want to use that.

Now that the door, the revolving door. It's pretty much the same thing. And it just works like that. So that's what we're trying to do with the golf club. We learned to hit from this area because I think that can be different for everyone. But that's a really good starting point, because it encourages the body to move with it. Forearm range, and a bit of wrist range. And we want that look, because we know that that is not really open. It's an illusion. It's actually square.


So my left arm, if I did that, see that arm wants to unwind and wind up on the ball.

I feel that thing wanting to go there.

So our right hand, that's what we talked about. This needs to be in a strong position to line up.

This is the delivery--

And the mass.

This is the mass. This is the alignment. This is the mass.

Yeah. That's our hit. So we want to get this hit to match up with that.

And show me that wide backswing that you're not afraid of. And then you set it into that spot, and then sling shot it out of there.

Right. Because I know I can hit the ball from here. So I'm not afraid to go wide.

Because you said it.

I can go from there to there without doing anything. If you look at that, I'm back to where that first one was. Where I wanted to hit from.

Well let's see that. Put it all in motion for us.

All right. So set in here. You can see I feel my arms relaxed, jelly.

I like that, jelly.

My arms are reasonably close to my body. But my hands aren't stretched away. I feel loose in my wrists and my arms but strong in my fingers. I'm basically just balancing myself, got a a bit of width. You want it to be down. And from there, just release and go. Piece of cake.